I apologize in advance to all the engineers out there. There are no trains in this episode. As always the following recap is rated TV MA DLSV and may contain suggestive dialogue, strong language, sexual situations, and violence. Intended for mature audiences, reader discretion is advised… or not.

We begin at the police station. Dyson is spending some quality time with the Una Mens after the events of last week and Bo and Kenzi are desperate to get him out. They even brought an unruly monk with them, who just happens to be the key to getting in to see Dyson. Bo uses her feminine wilds to persuade him to talk only to have her sweet Succutizing touch rebuked. To paraphrase the greatest documentary of all time, ‘Jurassic Park,’ “It’s a unique system!” That’s right, as Hale remarks, “Not even beach volleyball will do it for him.” Time to do things the old fashioned way. A little Siren goes a long way and the gang soon learns Dyson is sentenced to die… for treason! In 1899 the wolf murdered humans and Fae in cold blood. The monk takes himself out of the equation before he could answer any more questions. How are they going to get in to see Dyson or confront the Una Mens on his behalf? Dyson didn’t really murder all those people, right? So many questions and we haven’t even gotten to the mildly suggestive ‘Lost Girl’ logo yet.

Cut to the Una Mens sanctum and a caged Fae scavenger who is being sentenced to death. An executioner with a very large and ornate sword enters the frame and then enters her with the blade. The camera pulls back and we see a shackled Dyson waiting patiently for his turn. Cue the aforementioned mildly suggestive ‘Lost Girl’ logo and this very special episode of ‘Murder She Wrote’ is under way!

Lauren is back and working with Bo. She’s using her newly acquired Dark technology to wire Bo up to an Oracle. Bo plans to enter Dyson’s memory to find out just what happened and hopefully exonerate him in the process. Oh and by the way the Oracle can see the giant, gaping hole in Bo’s memory. That’s a thing. Oh, and this whole mind jacking thing is apparently really dangerous. This is a remote viewing so somebody has to get to him and tie a Red String of Fate around his ankle to anchor him to Bo and the Oracle.

Cut to Dyson who is being washed, because hygiene is important for an execution, by a flimsily disguised Kenzi. She works her way down and ties the ribbon around his ankle. Showtime! We are in the past, or at least a version of it that Bo has created out of her subconscious. She wakes with a start, the crème filling in an oreo made from twin peasant’s daughters. She gets out while the getting is good. Looks like she is playing the role of Dyson as she is all wolfy. Bo borrows some clothes and we go to commercial.

Back in 1899 Bo is looking for answers when the father of the deflowered twins and a crony chase her into a dead end. She’s about to be shot when a staff wielding Trick saves the day. It’s time for a heart to heart. Bo does a nice Dyson impression and seems to be having some fun until TrickMonk mentions the mythical Helskór, an item prized by everyone, even the one who wanders. Apparently they have been found and are being sold to the highest bidder. Trick wants Dyson to get them before they fall into the wrong hands. Dyson wants money and a good time but all signs point to this being a turning point in Dyson’s life. (Loves me some good back story!)

In the present Bo is mumbling about boobs and The Wnaderer. Back to the dreamscape and a bar scene with a cast of characters that would make the Mos Eisley Cantina jealous, only a lot more French. It’s showtime and we see Flora, aka memory Lauren, come out singing a poorly lip-synched cabaret standard but not before a weird memory glitch of what seemed to be a more modern boxer. Dyson leaves before Flora finishes her sultry performance, much to Bo’s chagrin.

Back to the present. Hale is speaking to the Una Mens. Trying to reason with them on Dyson’s behalf. He reminds them of all the good he has done, all the innocents he has saved and the Fae he has protected. The Una Mens are not impressed and dismiss him. Hale lets his feelings fly unfiltered, talking about how the Fae will rise up one day to rule themselves. Hale a revolutionary? Could be interesting but probably won’t end well. And neither does this scene, for Kenzi. She should have left her phone on vibrate as an obnoxious ringtone betrays her to the Una Mens. Looks like we need to set another plate for the execution.

Back to the dreamscape. Dyson meets Flora in her dressing room. They are old friends. Really good, old friends. They talk about the Prince and the magic shoes in between butterfly kisses.  A plan is hatched to nab the shoes and leave this crazy life behind. But first, it’s sexy time! Soon after the Prince enters and Flora begins a seduction. The Prince notices that Flora is more interested in the shoes than him but is knocked out by Dyson before he could protest too much. His guards are at the door so they decide to hide the shoes in plain sight, on Flora’s feet. Bad idea. They transform Flora into… something.

Cut to Dyson in the real world and his new cell mate, Kenzi. He’s impressed and again talks about training her. He says when they get out he’ll train her to be a Shadow Thief.

Back to the dream and a rather lengthy trail of bodies. Cassie, the Oracle, comes in to warn Bo that time is almost up and she sees the boxing coach again. Memories are fusing and she needs to wrap this thing up while she still can. Cassie cuts her own string and Bo is on her own.

Meanwhile, back in the real world Cassie wakes up and is freaking out. She’s distraught and saying they are real and everyone is dead because of those shoes. Lauren has no clue what shoes she’s referring to and is reminded, whatever she does, not to cut the Red String of Fate herself.

Dream DysonBo confronts Flora, who now has a cool wolverine thing going on with her hands. They fight, Dyson wolfs out and seems to get her under control when Flora is shot in the back.

Real world Lauren has no patience and decides to enter the dream herself despite not being Dennis Quaid. (I know you have been waiting patiently for a ‘Dreamscape’ reference this entire recap. You are welcome.)

Dream Flora is dead and the assassin confronts Dyson with some pretty hurtful words. He tells him to run, like he always has; that he never loved anyone but himself, etc. After citing a few troubling incidents from the past he comes right out and calls Dyson a waste of flesh. Ouch. The epic guilt trip bends Dyson, but doesn’t break him. Quick cut to the present and Dyson is recounting the tale to Kenzi. He blames himself for Flora’s death. Back to the dream and we aren’t even pretending anymore, Bo is no longer Dyson’s avatar, we are seeing these final events through Dyson’s eyes. He mans up, for the first time in centuries, and prepares for a fight. Trick smacks the bad man with a bow staff from behind and the fight is moot. Trick doesn’t want the shoes, he’s looking for a second for the new world, whatever that means.

Back to the present. Kenzi is having a tough time with the whole impending death thing. Dyson’s reassurance doesn’t help much as the Una Mens come walking in to carry out their sentence. Dyson strikes up a deal, save the human and he’ll give them the fancy shoes. Deal with the Devil anyone?

Dream Dyson, back to Bo, swears to hide the shoes over Flora’s grave. Lauren, real Lauren now in the dream, appears and tries to get Bo out. Bo’s memories are merging and she’s one confused Succubus. The boxing coach makes a return and holds up Dyson’s championship belt. It’s one big Blue’s Clue. Bo cuts the string and is back in the real world no worse for wear. The same cannot be said for Lauren. She’s still trapped, and humans don’t really do well in the dream. Bo can’t cut the string so what is she to do? Time to wake up sleeping beauty with a kiss. And some tongue. Lauren cut her string and Bo knows how to save Dyson. Now if only the Una Mens will cooperate.

Cut to the Una Mens Warehouse where they guarantee you’ll look good for your execution. Bo arrives with one of the shoes, which was hidden behind the championship belt, and a proposition of her own – Set  Dyson and Kenzi free in exchange for the shoe. Bo is drawn to the executioner and lifts his mask; it’s the assassin from the dream world. The Una Mens were behind this the whole time! Dyson’s not guilty of murder, they are. (It’s a twist! See M. Night, sometimes twists are necessary plot devices. They do not need to be thrown into everything you do with reckless abandon. When you put in a twist just because you can you lose sight of the magic and storytelling potential of such a powerful literary tool. Again, to paraphrase the greatest documentary ever made, “You spend so much time figuring out whether or not you could, you never stop to think if you should!” But I digress.)

Back to the Dal and the gang is all back together and more or less happy. Dyson waxes philosophical and then lets everyone in on the rest of the story. He wound up meeting Trick at his prayer shrine. Trick wants to start a Fae colony, a new beginning without war and weapons and the strife they have known for so long. Trick knows Dyson’s past and reveals himself to be the Blood King. All the cards are on the table and Dyson swears fealty. It’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

The gang starts talking trash about Trick. Bo and Kenzi are mad that nobody told Bo about the Shoes, or the Wanderer connection, why she was taken, etc. Dyson claims he couldn’t remember until now, that there is a fog clouding things. Bo determines to find some answers. The Una Mens only got one shoe. Apparently Dyson gave the other to Angel, a bartender and shifter who worked in the cabaret. Time to start there.