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Well I somehow missed that the Stephen King’s short ‘The Ten O’Clock People‘ was being made into a feature length film when it was announced last year. Apparently it is and has tapped Jay Baruchel (‘RoboCop‘,’This Is The End‘) to be both an executive producer and star of the movie. The film’s screenplay has been put together by Tom Holland (‘Fright Night‘, ‘Child’s Play’) who will also be directing the film and is slated to begin shooting this coming June in Montreal.

Right now I don’t know what to say aside from the fact that King is on fire in a way he never has been before. Let’s do the rundown real quick shall we?

  • Under the Dome‘ is entering its second season
  • ABC is developing ‘Grand Central
  • Haven‘ has been renewed for a fifth season on SyFy with double the number of episodes ordered
  • Cell‘ is filling out its casting
  • A Good Marriage‘ received an indie adaption that King enjoyed
  • The ‘Pet Semetary‘ remake has recently found a director

That’s just what I’m remembering off of the top of my head and when you think about it, all of that is just on the visual front without mentioning the novel’s he’s been recently putting out or the recent release of ‘Carrie‘ (even if it was to mixed reviews.) There’s also ‘The Dark Tower‘ adaptation which recently had Aaron Paul (‘Breaking Bad’, ‘Need For Speed’) revealing he met with Ron Howard for the role of Eddie Dean (which, let’s face it, he’d be perfect for).

Baruchel will be portraying a smoker who is attempting to kick the habit. He’s using a cessation drug to do so but the results of smoking while on the drug causes him to see a new layer of reality that really isn’t conducive to having a normal life –  especially when most of the people in power start to look like monsters. I’m sure with the heavy use of smoking we’ll be seeing here there’s going to be a hard R rating so they shouldn’t be shy about any use of swearing or violence when putting the film together.

What do you think of Baruchel as an ex-smoker giving into his cravings and dealing with monsters?

Source: SlashFilm