For some strange reason, the ‘Transformers’ movies make money by the vault and yet, can anyone find me someone who likes them?  All anyone does is rant about them, and yet, Michael Bay is bringing us a fourth movie this summer, ‘Age of Extinction’ which features the DinoBots.

One of the biggest gripes people have is that the movies spend too much time focusing on the unappealing human cast, which up to this point has been spearheaded by Shia LaBeouff, with Mark Wahlberg taking over on the upcoming film.  And even with the robots, they spend a large chunk of time in vehicle mode instead of giant robot mode.

The very thing that the franchise is based on is the fact that the robots transform from one mode to another.  Someone took the initiative to splice together every transformation in all three of the existing films.  You can watch them below:

That’s ten+ minutes of switcheroo action!

The problem, however, is that the first movie was 144 minutes, ‘Revenge of the Fallen’ was 149 minutes and ‘Dark of the Moon‘ lasted for 154 minutes, adding up to 447 minutes… and out of that, barely 11 minutes consisted of actual transformations!  The rest was explosions, shouting and tomfoolery.  (The extended scene in the first movie of Sam trying to hide the Autobots from his parents is PERHAPS my least favorite scene in any movie ever.)

But at least the transformations look great, right?

What do you think?  Are you looking forward to a continuation of the ‘Transformers’ saga?  Do you hope to see a bit more actual transformations?

Source: Cinema Blend