In the third installment of ‘Vendetta’ we saw the team preparing to infiltrate Stryfe’s fortress and regain their three kidnapped friends. Not a lot has been said on how they are going to deal with an omega level mutant or the Cable and Hope wanting to see Bishop dead side of things but first thing is first – saving those who are trapped.

There are a few main focus points on the issue. Cable and Stryfe, Hope and Bishop, X-Force vs Stryfe, and the conclusion. So let’s run through it. We start with Stryfe still having Cable locked away and sharing that he is going to give his daughter the choice to be herself. He’s giving her the choice to follow in her father’s footsteps and be a killer, with her first target being the man who took away her childhood.

While this is going on X-Force takes the time to attack and we see a huge confrontation between everyone vs Stryfe. Stryfe has always shown to be one of the most powerful mutants out there as he has all of Cable’s power with none of the weaknesses. He pretty much single-handedly wipes the floor with them all (and hints that he’s responsible for Psylocke’s death in one alternate timeline) and goes back inside to finish off Cable. Right as this happen his main hope comes true and Hope stabs Bishop.

Well, of course she doesn’t really kill him and just injures him. As Stryfe is fuming that revenge won’t be his the way he wants he decides he’s just going to end them all right as he takes a sword to the cut, curtosy of Cable who had just been freed. All of the events in this issue seem to rush together and Stryfe forces Hope to mimic his power knowing she can’t control it. He transports away with her being left behind to blow up and take everyone out with her, only that plan fails as well. Bishop’s power allows power to be redirected and he has Hope mimic his as well and send Stryfe’s up and away.

No one is hurt in the making of this comic (aside from the stab to Stryfe’s side.)

The issue ends with Bishop allowed to go his own way but Cable promises him he won’t be so lenient if they cross paths again. It’s also the perfect setup for the upcoming ‘X-Force’ title that has Psylocke being lead in to joining the team. While there’s been no sign of Colossus and Domino joining (even after Colossus has so adamantly been saying Cable is now his leader) I’m really curious as to where the rest of the mutants who won’t be accompying him will be ending up. It was an interesting fight and could be a setup to see Stryfe returning once again to cause chaos in Cable’s world. If you had been following both X-Force series it worked ok but didn’t feel that it flowed that well together.

Still, the new X-Force is going to be amazing if ‘X-Men Legacy’s recent run is any indication and I cannot wait!


Writer: Sam Humphries
Artist: Harvey Tolibao