If you’re a fan of Buffy and if you especially love the comics, this is exciting news. Nicholas Brendon is on board to co-write issues 3-5 of Season 10 of the comic series.

Brendon, as you are well-aware, played the lovable Xander on the TV series, the “Zeppo” if you will.

The story arc Brendon will pen involves the group seeking out Dracula to gain insight on the new zompire (zombie vampire) population.

As you know, Xander and Dracula have quite a bromance. Yes, Xander fell under Dracula’s spell in season 5 of the TV series. However, in the comic books, Xander spends some time with Dracula after Anya’s death albeit while under Dracula’s thrall, but it was still some bro-time nonetheless. Dracula made an appearance again as an ally to Buffy and the slayers in their attack on Tokyo in Season 8, but still his relationship with Xander remains as complicated as ever. I’m excited to see where their relationship goes in Season 10, especially since Xander at one point vows to kill Dracula the next time he sees him.

Brendon is no stranger to the world of comics as he penned the web comic “Very Bad Koalas” back in 2010. Co-created with animator Steve Loter, “Very Bad Koalas” follows two adorable koala bears that are on the run from the law.

Furthermore, this isn’t the first time a Buffy alum pitched in with the comics. James Marsters is helping to pen a graphic novel that follows Spike’s journey between seasons 6 and 7 of the TV show. When “Angel” was still with IDW, Juliet Landau (Drusilla) penned issues 24 and 25. Finally, Amber Benson (Tara) co-created a few issues of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Willow and Tara”.

Are you excited that Brendon is on board?

Source: Digital Spy