If you haven’t seen the mid-season finale of ‘The Walking Dead’, warning… there are spoilers!!!!


The mid-season finale for ‘The Walking Dead’ brought a close to the tragic life and insanity of David Morrissey‘s portrayal of the Governor on the show. The series most iconic one eyed villain met an amazing end that was one of the most memorable deaths to date! Not only is he gone, but he brought down another major character while sparking off the war that ended with his own murder.

Starring as the main protagonist in the last season and surviving to cause a bit more chaos up to the mid-season finale for this one – the Governor is an iconic villain on ‘The Walking Dead’. While other characters in the comic may have proven to be even worse than him by now, he was the first truly evil person that Rick and his band of survivors had stumbled across.

After last season ended, I was worried that when the curtain finally closed on Morrissey’s one remaining cold eye for a final time that they wouldn’t do it justice. With Woodbury no longer under his control, how could they compete with his death in the comic? Well, not only did the studio manage to pull of an action sequence equal to that in the comic books, but they gave him an even more fitting death with quite a few of the survivors getting a piece of him.

In this tribute that AMC put together, David and the rest of the cast and crew look back at the rise and fall of Philip Blake from a nobody to the leader of Woodbury and his spiraling decent embracing the madness that had been apart of him all along:

Do you think this was a good send off to the most prolific enemy of Rick that the show has shown so far? Was his death properly done? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Blastr