Earlier this year, we got a pretty healthy dose of Wolverine as he starred in another solo film from James Mangold that followed Logan’s iconic Japanese Saga titled ‘The Wolverine’. However, that isn’t the last that we’ll be seeing of the fan favorite X-Men team member. Not only will he be front and center in Bryan Singer’s ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’, but Hugh Jackman may reprise his role once again for Mangold for a third solo adventure with the character. Recently, the actor sat down with a few outlets to discuss where we’ll be seeing Mr. James Howlett next.

While speaking to Entertainment Weekly to promote the release of ‘The Wolverine’ on Blu-ray and DVD, Jackman briefly touched on the subject of the sequel. Previously, we heard that it would be based on an existing story arc from the comics, but by the sounds of what he has to say, combining different stories together for one movie doesn’t seem off the table just yet:

“I did love the Japanese saga — it was one of the first ones I read while making [the first] X-Men, actually. I remember thinking, ‘This would make a great movie.’ … It’s interesting because it’s very rare, even with the Japanese saga, to make [a single story] into a film. You end up using one as a basis, then you’ll draw really cool things from others. To make a movie, obviously you need to do more than just one comic. There are some really cool ideas [about ‘The Wolverine sequel’] that I’m dying to tell you, but that would be giving away a secret that is not even formed yet, you know what I mean?”

I’m not really sure where the actor is getting the idea that you would have to include more than one comic story in a movie because things like ‘V For Vendetta’, ‘Kick-Ass’, and even ‘The Wolverine’ already prove that point wrong. Hopefully Mangold’s next film follows the trend of focusing on one story rather than picking and choosing from all over the place.

Anyway, we have a little time until we really need to start thinking about Wolverine’s next adventure by himself because he’ll be rejoining the X-Men to stop a massive war between humans and mutants during the summer of 2014. In a conversation with USA Today, Jackman shared a bit about ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’:

“[Wolverine’s] less reluctant to help out and join in, but the stakes are definitely higher in this movie than ever before. He still occupies that same role as being devil’s advocate with everybody. He just doesn’t accept. He gets roped into having to do this mission that he’s probably not the right person for but is the only one physically able to do it.”

No matter how you slice it, we’ll be getting a lot of Wolverine in the coming years. But what do you think about the actor behind the claws thoughts on multiple comics being incorporated into one movie? What about his take on Logan’s role in Bryan Singer’s return to the X-Men universe that they started nearly fifteen years ago? Share your thoughts in the comments below.