Last week, we saw the end the epic crossover event from Jonathan Hickman called ‘Infinity’, which (as clichéd as this sounds) changed the face of the Marvel Universe as we know it. Many things happened as a result of Thanos’ invasion of Earth during that story, but one of the biggest things had to be the emergence of a wave of new Inhumans thanks to King Black Bolt, his brother Maximus, and the Terrigen Bomb that awakened the scores of dormant super-powered individuals worldwide. The age of ‘Inhumanity’ is among us, however, based on the latest reports, it might take a little while to really switch into gear.

‘Inhuman’ from ‘Hawkeye’ writer Matt Fraction and ‘Uncanny X-Men’ artist Joe Madureira is meant to be the center point of ‘Inhumanity’, this new Marvel age that started with last week’s issue of ‘Avengers Assemble’ featuring Spider-Girl. Back in July, it was announced that this keystone series that is meant to resemble ‘Game of Thrones’ would debut in January as part of the All-New Marvel NOW event that would see the debut of many new titles like ‘She-Hulk’, ‘Ms. Marvel’, ‘All-New Invaders’, ‘Loki: Agent of Asgard’, and many more. But now The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that the story meant to revitalize and revamp the Inhumans has been postponed by the House of Ideas until April 2014.

According to the Diamond Comic Distributors schedule, the book has been labeled as “cancelled” and retailers will likely have to reorder again when it’s available. But not only has the first issue been cancelled, but so has the second one. Usually, unless there’s a huge problem, an issue might ship late rather than cancelled and resolicited. I’ve noticed that Marvel has taken that road a lot lately, so it must be something big to pull a move like this.

One possible reason for this delay is that Madureira is notoriously known for taking his time on books and therefore submitting work in late, but sources are saying that there are actually “a number of reasons” that factor into this postponement. After all, Fraction has an incredibly busy schedule himself with his two Image Comics books ‘Satellite Sam’ and ‘Sex Criminals’ on top of all his Marvel work including his critically acclaimed series featuring Clint Barton and Kate Bishop. The writer’s schedule has been so demanding that he even had to drop off of ‘Fantastic Four’ and ‘FF’ at the end of the summer in order to devote more time to ‘Inhumanity’.

While this isn’t really a move executed often, it’s not unheard of. Just last year, Marvel put a pin in the anticipated series ‘Thanos: Son of Titan’ less than a month after it was announced. Later, it resurfaced with an entirely different creative team as ‘Thanos Rising’ in April. It’s currently unknown whether or not something as drastic will happen with ‘Inhuman’, but as the story develops, we’ll be sure to keep you abreast of the situation.

For those of you disappointed in the delay of ‘Inhuman’, be sure to pick up ‘Inhumanity’ #1, a one-shot from Fraction and ‘Uncanny Avengers’ artist Olivier Coipel featuring the Avengers and Inhuman Royal Family member Karnak as they discover one of the alien race’s deepest secrets. You can get a sneak peek at the book in the gallery below, courtesy of Comic Book Resources:

Are you disappointed that Marvel is postponing Matt Fraction’s ‘Inhuman’? What factors do you think lead to this delay? Share your thoughts on the matter in the comment section.