That’s right folks! Jason will be back once again in a second reboot of the ‘Friday the 13th’ franchise. If it seems like just yesterday tht ‘Friday the 13th’ was rebooted you’d almost be correct. The franchise had just been re-booted four years ago in 2009 with a film that couldn’t quite claim reboot status even though that was the pitch.

So why are we seeing it happen again so soon? Well, when Paramont and Warner Brothers worked out a deal for the WB to get in on Christopher Nolan’s (‘The Dark Knight Rises’, ‘Inception‘) upcoming ‘Interstellar‘ one of the conditions was that Paramont would get the full rights for ‘Friday the 13th’. With those rights in hand, the next film is already on the go and set for a March (Friday the) 13th, 2015 release! For a reboot, this film couldn’t have picked a better time to do it as it is technically the 13th film featuring Jason Voorhees and his Camp Crystal Lake shenanigans to be released.

While the last film was a success making $91 million worldwide on a $19 million budget, the ratio isn’t quite up to the ratio that micro-budget horror films have been bringing in. There was previously a rumor floating around that the next installment might be a ‘found footage’ film involving Jason and honestly this is one of the few existing horror franchises that could pull that off. On campground security footage combined with kids filming their away from home antics? It could work if they did it correctly.

Of course it could also be a total mistake changing the format of such a long running successful series. (That and who is going to be holding a camera as some psycho killer is running towards them?) If they can find a realistic way to deal with that I’m all for it. Sure there’s the easy scene where two of the councilors are going to fool around and the guy is a jock who sets up a camera to record it ahead of time but that would only be one death out of what would hope to be a ten plus body count.

What do you think about bringing Jason back once again? Are you looking forward to a true reboot that starts fresh from the beginning? Would you want it shot as a found footage film? What would you do different with Jason this time around?

Source: Collider