Christopher Nolan (‘Interstellar‘, ‘Inception‘) often uses misdirection over being secretive to keep things a secret in his upcoming films. The movie business is clearly big business and a lot of what draws us in is the surprise of the unknown. Spoilers for upcoming films are everywhere and these days directors will go out of their way to keep things a secret.

In the past, J.J. Abrams went so far as to build a wall out of shipping containers around the outdoor set of ‘Star Trek Into Darkness‘ to prevent anyone from getting shots of what was going on within. More Recently Stan Lee (‘Marvel‘) and Avi Arad (‘The Amazing Spider-Man‘) won’t even say the name of their new production to prevent people from figuring what it’s about too far in advance.

So you might wonder how Nolan was able to keep so much of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ a secret. I’m about to give away a spoiler, so if you haven’t seen the film, the very nature of the post should cause you to expect that.

Nolan actually didn’t keep things a secret when it came to one scene from the film. There was press on set for Bruce Wayne’s “funeral” when it was being shot. What he did use, though, was misdirection. For Bruce’s funeral at Wayne Manor he didn’t have a tombstone that said “Bruce Wayne” on it. The one they used for the shot actually claimed to be for “Miranda Tate” just to throw off anyone who may have seen it and the name was changed digitally in post production. On top of that, he not only had Christian Bale (‘Terminator Salvation’) on the call sheet but he was on set in costume to make it look as if he was attending Miranda’s funeral. They went so far as to shoot some scenes with him front and center.

There’s a minute of what Nolan was doing from the box set of ‘The Dark Knight Trilogy’ which you can check out as well below:

So folks, what is your view? Are we all overreaching to find out details before a film’s release? Are the cat and mouse games a temporary hiccup in the movie making process or are they here to stay?

Source: SlashFilm