With Alan Moore having turned 60, his birthday present to the world is some early artwork for his next endeavor with artist Kevin O’Neil, ‘League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Nemo: Roses Of Berlin’. Their last outing was released earlier this year as ‘Nemo: Heart of Ice’ in a tale that was set in 1925 after Captain Nemo had died. In ‘Nemo: Roses Of Berlin’ we’re going to be fast forwarding to 1941 and right into the jaws of World War 2.

Not only will we be seeing a small return to the League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, but we’re also going to see them go up against their German counterparts known only as the Twilight Heroes. These so called heroes are working directly for German dictator Adenoid Hynkel. While the Twilight Heroes are clearly working for the enemy, I am wondering if they will end up having to work together against the monsters of the world or since they are aligned with the quite human monsters in power, if they are indeed working with them. We’ll find out in April of 2014 when the book will be published by Top Shelf in the USA and Knockabout in the UK.

There seems to be an increase in popularity when it comes to the ‘League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen’. A television show is being developed at Fox which Alan Moore thinks is just “recycling things that have already proven not to work” when referencing the flop of a film version of his work. As Moore is clearly against the idea of it happening, fans of his work who share his opinion will be happy on this new novella’s release to give another glimpse into the world of the League that he created back in 1999.

You can check out some of the artwork below after the synopsis:


From The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen! Sixteen years ago, notorious science-brigand Janni Nemo journeyed into the frozen reaches of Antarctica to resolve her father’s weighty legacy in a storm of madness and loss, barely escaping with her Nautilus and her life. Now it is 1941, and with her daughter strategically married into the family of aerial warlord Jean Robur, Janni’s raiders have only limited contact with the military might of the clownish German-Tomanian dictator Adenoid Hynkel. (Fun Fact. Adenoid Hynkel is the name used by Chaplin for his spoof of Hitler in his classic film ‘The Great Dictator’.) But when the pirate queen learns that her loved ones are held hostage in the nightmarish Berlin, she has no choice save to intervene directly, traveling with her aging lover Broad Arrow Jack into the belly of the beastly metropolis. Within that alienated city await monsters, criminals, and legends, including the remaining vestiges of Germany’s notorious ‘Twilight Heroes’, a dark Teutonic counterpart to Mina Murray’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. And waiting at the far end of this gauntlet of alarming adversaries there is something much, much worse.

Are you looking forward to this new outing with the League?

Source: Bleeding Cool