“Tis Death’s Park, where he breeds life to feed him.

Cries of pain are music for his banquet.”

Fresh off last week’s…complications, Nick is getting some standard tests done on his heart rate and BP. Despite the physical exertion, he stays around the 30bpm level. He’s a bit freaked about it when he talks to Juliette but admits he feels a bit “more aware, more in control.” Unfortunately, control is not the word of the day for a Blutbad who has a bit of ‘Aliens’ going on when, after climbing up a tree, his stomach bursts, spilling Wesen guts everywhere. Speaking of Blutbad, Monroe and Rosalee say those magic words (“I love you”) for the first time as they talk about moving in together. Also, there’s no subtlety in the foreshadowing when one of Monroe’s clients, Sam and his wife Kimber say hi.

Bodies in trees…old hat when you’re a Grimm

Nick and Hank get the call about the body and pay a visit to the crime scene where Sergeant Wu faithfully provides one of his ill-timed jokes. Renard gets a call from the Man (who Adalind later calls Sebastian) to let him know the police are searching Eric’s office. He tells Sebastian to look for Frau Pech, as she will be looking to make a deal regarding the royal baby. Adalind asks Sebastian on who will take Eric’s place as successor and he tells her “The last Royal standing.”

At the station, Nick’s still having a hard time getting over the fact he killed someone. He confides in Renard who is not about the handholding. “What’s really bothering you,” he asks. “The fact that you killed somebody or the fact that you killed somebody that wasn’t Wesen.” There is a truth to Renard’s bitter words and Nick is left speechless at the dress down. He doesn’t get much time to think about it as they find another victim, Stephanie Robinson, with the same MO as the initial victim. They go through her purse and find that she went to Raven & Rose, a new downtown restaurant. A quick call to the first victim’s wife confirms that he too went to the same place. Nick and Hank visit the restaurant and find that Chef Aussler and his staff are all Bauerschwein. While Sebastian is relaying his findings at Frau Pech’s home to Renard, Nick checks out the victims’ orders as well as the restaurant staff to find nothing. The toxicology reports are negative as well. When he casually mentions the case to Juliette, she mentions the symptoms are quite similar to bloat certain animals get. The comment has Nick wondering if the vics were Blutbaden. After a makeshift ‘moving out of Monroe’s’ party, when Nick mentions the case to Monroe, the latter gets a call from Kimber about Sam missing. Monroe confirms that Sam and the first victim (who he knew) were all Blutbaden. Something triggers a memory from Rosalee and the gang stop by the shop where she confirms the effects of the black despair mushroom; it’s harmless raw but, when cooked, becomes deadly to Blutbaden.

Monroe tags along with Nick and Hank and the trio find Sam just in time to watch his insides burst. Monroe is rightfully pissed and promises vengeance against the Chef, telling Nick

Nick discusses the case with the gang

“One way or another, that pig is going down.”  Nick confronts Chef Aussler about his actions but loses ground when he tells the Bauerschwein that he’s not going to kill him. He feels no shame for his actions, justifying it behind he and his workers all losing loved ones to Blutbaden. When Nick discusses it with Juliette, he zones out and his skin turns to that mysterious grayish hue. He brushes off her concerns and goes to the shop and tries to calm Monroe but the Blutbad is out for blood, storming out of the shop in search of his prey.

In Austria, Sebastian follows the lead to Hotel Sacher where he finds Adalind holed up there. He gets a picture of her, no doubt to send it to Renard. Back in Portland, just as the Chef packs up for the night, he feels eyes on him. It’s not just Monroe but a pack of Blutbaden, ready for a pig feast. Monroe and Nick fight, though when Nick shoots his friend, it becomes clear that it’s a ploy to get Aussler to confess. He does so to save his life and, to quote Renard, “This little piggy is going to jail.”

Grimm News

  • Now that we know Nick is probably the fittest person in the world, the question remains how that is going to affect his abilities. Not only that, but the zone out/gray skin deal is a bit more frightening and promises to become a very important plot point as the season continues.
  • More with Nick, though he is a cop and all around good guy, he has to understand that being a Grimm will, at times necessitate him skirting human laws to serve justice. Yes, he was able to make things work this time, but he needs to understand and accept he is Judge Dredd insofar as all things supernatural are concerned.