Fans of the classic Hammer Films production of ‘The Women In Black’ were mostly quite happy with last year’s reboot. It was well created, well acted, well produced, and in general just told a suspenseful story. Now the company is finally starting to continue on the film franchise with the second installment entitled ‘The Woman in Black: Angel of Death’ and will continue where the first one left off. Not right after however, as it’s been four decades since Daniel Radcliffe’s (‘Horns‘, ‘Harry Potter’ franchise) character, Arthur Kipps, had to travel to the Eel Marsh House to deal with the sale of the manor. Things don’t go well as the house proves haunted and now four decades later a couple of children and their teachers take refuge here while London is under attack during World War 2.

Of course that leads to whatever ghosts were responsible for the first movie to reawakened to terrorize the new inhabitants who have arrived to seek safety. They may now be safe from the German attack on London however, this new threat may prove to be slightly more deadly. No word if Daniel Radcliffe is to reprise his role in the new film at all. They could easily use him as a ghost that is trapped or attempts to help save the day at the very end.

The film will star Phoebe Fox (‘War Book’), Jeremy Irvine (‘War Horse’), Helen McCrory (‘Hugo‘, ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows‘), and Oaklee Pendergast (‘The Impossible’). Tom Harper (‘The Scouting Book for Boys ‘) will direct the film from a screenplay written by Jon Croker (‘Paddington’). The screenplay is also based on an original sequel’s outline written by Susan Hill, the original author of ‘The Woman in Black’.

Are you looking forward to a sequel to the film that was written years ago and never had a chance to be created on the big screen until now? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood News