There’s not too many things out there more dangerous than a Grimm. Add a bit of crazy to said Grimm and one has a walking bomb, laying waste to everything in its path. And like all bombs, once it goes off, one has to deal with the casualties and repercussions.

Ready. Set. Fight!

Picking up directly after last week’s premiere, Hank and Monroe are still on Nick’s trail. They catch up to him at an out of the way farmhouse, but not before he starts terrorizing a family of four. They catch up to the rampaging Grimm and are thrown around like kids. Knowing they need to get Nick out of the house to limit the damage, Hank and Monroe rush out of the house (a relative term when watching the less than fleet of foot Monroe ) and lure Nick to the barn. He corners them in the hayloft but crashes through the roof, stunning himself long enough for the two men to regroup outside with Renard, Rosalee, and Juliette. After dismissing the father of the terrorized family and offering him the name of Thomas Schirak as the perp, the three men enter the barn, with Renard and Monroe throwing on their game faces. What transpires in the best fight in ‘Grimm’ series history as the crazed Nick throws all three men around, taking some serious punishment but unable to be stopped. The ladies end up saving the day when Juliette slams the oversized needle in Nick’s stomach; Rosalee finishes the injection when Nick smacks Juliette out of the way. The antidote  puts Nick out and they sweep him up in Renard’s SUV just before the cops arrive at the farmhouse. As they drive off, Juliette holds on to her boyfriend, telling Nick that he’ll be okay.

When they reach the shop, Rosalee hits him up with a second dose of the antidote while Renard returns to the station to orchestrate damage control. Renard gets a text telling him it’s “Done. News online. Link sent.” He checks it out to find the news world ablaze with the death of his brother, Eric Renard, in a car bomb explosion. He even speaks to a new player who offers condolences for Eric’s death. Renard is satisfied but I have to say, everything feels a bit too easy here.

Nick finally wakes up, his last memory of his fight with the Baron. While they fill him in on the Grimm carnage left in his wake, Renard gets the 411 from Wu that one of the patrons in the bar died from his wounds. He tells Wu they’re looking for Thomas Schirak and, when the sergeant exits, Renard takes a peek at the surveillance footage he stole from the bar to protect Nick’s identity.  After getting briefed of all the chaos, Nick feels bad but can hang his hat on the fact he didn’t kill anyone. Uh, about that…Hank hears about the death from Wu and he asks Renard how they are going to handle it. “Very carefully,” he says. Witness accounts know two women (Rosalee and Juliette) were with him at the bar, so it’s imperative that they all tell the same story. Juliette, watching over Nick, gets a call from Hank and she meets the others at the shop where she learns of the death from Nick’s rampage. The overall story they need to keep is simple: Rosalee and Juliette were there because they had a cure for the infection. They stay together to iron out the finer details of their story.

Hank returns to the station and casually asks a few questions of the lead detectives, Holpie and Bauer. When they tell him about the surveillance footage, he realizes that Renard went an extra mile to protect everyone’s favorite Grimm. Speaking of, Nick turns a bit ashy—deathly so—and Juliette notices it when she returns to his side. She smacks him around and he finally wakes up, the color returning to his face though his pulse is still a bit low. After the detectives visit Rosalee at the shop, they stop by Nick’s to talk to Juliette. Nick is shocked to hear about the murder investigation and accosts Juliette after the detectives leave. Being a standup guy and the consummate hero, Nick wants to turn himself in. Hank catches up with him at the station, telling his partner that he and the others are doing right by their Grimm. It’s not until Renard shows him the footage of the guy (who tried to stab Nick) and tells Nick about Eric’s plans to get the Grimm out of the way, that Nick finally relents. “Sometimes justice isn’t obvious,” the captain remarks at on point. He’s right, especially when Nick walks “in two worlds”. He may not like it, but Nick logically understands this is the right move, though that wouldn’t prevent the hero’s guilt from burning a hole through him.

Throughout the events of the crazed Grimm and aftermath, Adalind is that much closer to regaining her powers. After stuffing the dead flowers inside of Frau Pech’s body, she takes the resulting paste and rubs it on her belly. It’s slowly absorbed into her body, temporarily settling into a skull before disappearing completely.

Grimm News

  • Renard gets a call from his mother, who thanks him for taking Eric out of the equation. It’s only a matter of time before she makes her presence felt in Nick’s world. Whether that’s for better or worse, we’ll have to wait and see.
  • Logic dictates that what Nick’s friends are doing is the right thing. As Renard said, he was under the control of the Baron and, if he does turn himself it, what does it truly accomplish? Still, Nick is a true hero so that guilt will hang with him for a long time. Things will only get worse, methinks, when the truth gets out. Renard may want to put the video he stole in a safer place…
  • One has to wonder, what will his time as a zombified wrecking ball gift Nick with? As a Grimm, it seems that every time he loses a part of himself, another part comes to the forefront. His slowed heart rate signifies that something’s in the works.
  • I really don’t like Adalind and she’s that much closer to returning to the fold as a Grade A pain in the ass. Carrying royal blood inside of her and the ominous skull that flashed on her belly will make way for some very interesting plotlines as the season stretches out.

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