Adam West appeared in the PBS documentary ‘Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle’ recounting his time as the not-so Dark Knight, ‘Batman‘ in the sixties TV show which launched a nationwide craze as well as commenting on latter day “grim and gritty” Batman comics.

Since then, he spoke to Dan Greenfield of The Gotham Tribune about a variety of topics, including Ben Affleck’s casting as the hero in upcoming DC movies, as well as his own time in the cowl.

Regarding Affleck, Mr. West reacted somewhat tongue-in-cheek, stating:

“I feel that if he shaves his beard, it might work. Or he can use it in a couple of scenes if he’s down and out, and a ne’er-do-well, whatever’s happened to him. But, you know, for 20-mill, he can shave his beard.”

But he was a bit more open when regarding his own experience playing the Caped Crusader.  And yes, Adam West is still in contact with Julie Newmar (Catwoman) and Burt Ward (Robin)!

“Yes, occasionally I’ll email Julie or she’ll email me… And Burt, I’ll see him at some of the comic cons and then the moment Burt and I get together, no matter how different our lifestyles are or whatever, the moment we get together on stage, the chemistry is back. It becomes like Batman and Robin, Bruce and Dick again.”

And as far as the entire ‘Batman’ experience, this is what Mr. West had to say:

“You know as tiring and as difficult as it was from time to time and all the stunts and running around and the itchy tights and the cape that caught occasionally …  through all of that, it was a great, great experience. We had so many wonderful guest stars that just getting to know them and work with them and the challenge of it, to me, it was a terrific thing for a younger actor. … And they sent me a check. Very sizable for the time.”

You can read the entire interview here, which includes much more reminiscing about the classic show.  Currently, Mattel is producing numerous toys that reflect the classic TV show including a retro Barbie as Julie Newmar’s Catwoman and Ken as Adam West’s Batman.  Mr. West has already recorded a “commentary” for the TV series.  So now it’s just up to Warner Brothers and Paramount to iron out the legalities and release the show on Blu-Ray, for goodness sake!

As campy as it was, the 60s ‘Batman’ show was a thrill for young viewers and absurd humor for older viewers.  It’s time for this classic to be released on home video!

Source GothamTribune