Well with Angela trapped in the last issue, we finally were able to see how she was ripped out of her Universe and placed into ours from the events of ‘Age of Ultron‘.

Not only that, but the entire time we are teased with interactions between Iron Man and Star-Lord about both of them knowing that a great cosmic event has effected the space-time continuum. Star-Lord from Thanos and Tony because, well he was there. The two clearly have some great interaction here and could be an amazing setup for the type of chemistry they would want between the characters in a future movie crossover, assuming RDJ continues playing Iron Man.

At any rate, we’re given new details about Angela and her interaction with Earth. We start off with her staying quiet while being imprisoned, until Tony mentions that she is the only one of her species in the known Universe. This shocks her out of her self imposed silence because now she needs to know what happened. Clearly this isn’t where she belongs and she wants to learn more and realizes that to do so she needs to open up a bit as well.

It’s very interesting on top of that, because it retcons part of her Spawn continuity or possibly changes what we know of Spawn. She claims she’s an Angel and she claims that she’s heard stories of Earth all of her life, just as humans have heard stories of Angels. Anyone who followed Spawn, though, knows that she had already interacted with Spawn on Earth. That begs the question is this the same Angela? Was she sucked to our era before the events within Spawn? Is the planet she was on in Spawn not actually Earth at all?

More questions arise that may or may not be answered. Still, she convinces everyone (at least Star-Lord whose in charge) that she means no harm and is allowed to come to Earth. This was of course after Star-Lord had to remind everyone that they attacked her first. While there, she is allowed to look around and they give her a com unit to contact them (and so that they can contact her) if the need arises.

The issue closes and finally at long last we’re being brought into the events of Infinity. I’ve been waiting for this to catch up as I feel it’s a crossover that could be truly enlightening or at least a fun ride. I have a feeling it’ll be more of a fun ride but I’m OK with that.

I have the feeling that with Thanos showing up the need is going to be arising soon for them to get in touch. I’m hoping we get more details on the Star-Lord/Thanos connection from the Cancerverse though I have the sneaky suspicion that won’t be touched upon for awhile still. They’ve kept it all quiet so far with just hints about it which I don’t think is a situation that’ll be changing.

Hopefully I’m wrong.

While light on the action, we finally received a proper introduction to Angela into the Marvel Universe and I have a feeling with the action that should be popping up in the ‘Infinity’ crossover next issue that’ll most likely make up for the slowness of this one. Still, an enjoyable read.


Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Sara Pichelli