So what happens when you’re responsible for thousands of your brothers and sisters being kicked out of their homes, possibly forever? The short answer is quite a few pissed angels wanting your head on a nice silver pike and ready to beat down anyone keeping them from your now grace-less person.

Now, onto the long version…

Bobby and the Boys together again

Things pick up sometime after last year’s explosive season finale that found the entire angelic host expelled from Heaven and Sam collapsing in Dean’s arms, his body falling victim to the energies of the Trials he used to close up demon kind in Hell. Well, things didn’t work out to well for Sammy. He’s in coma-city with avatars of Dean and Bobby swimming around in his head, arguing on whether Sam should fight (represented by Dean) or give up this mortal coil (Bobby).

While Sam is having chats with his subconscious, all Heaven’s breaking loose on the outside. The news is buzzing with the global meteor shower and Dean watches Sam’s comatose body and realizes there’s nothing the doctors can do. He pulls the trump card, calling out to Castiel, who doesn’t pick up Dean’s pleas (more on that later). Back against the wall, he goes viral with his prayers, putting out an APB to all angels begging for their help. It works but, not in the way Dean thought. The first angel that answers provides Dean with a lil preview of what’s to come; he demands to know Castiel’s whereabouts and is ready to do some damage to our favorite Winchester to get it. Before he does, a second angel—Ezekial—appears. Despite what happened, he’s still on Cas’s side and halts his brother’s attempts at retribution. Ezekial’s injuries restricts his abilities but Dean returns the save and stabs the other angel in the heart with the Seraphim Sword. After a bit of meet and greet, Ezekial promises to help Sam as best he can, proclaiming “What strength I have left, I offer to you.”

In Longmont, Colorado, Cas is dealing with the reality of losing his grace. He’s muddling around when he runs into Hale one of his angelic siblings. She’s lost, unable to make heads or tails with her own new reality though Cas tells her of the opportunities should could find on earth. She thinks about the Grand Canyon, the monument she built when she last ventured to earth. Cas offers to be her guide, that is, until he makes contact with Dean. He gives Cas the 411 on his current status as persona non grata in the angelic community and that Cas should hightail it back to the Bunker (their Men of Letters HQ) and wait for the Winchesters to get there. When he tries to distance himself from Hale, she 2 by 4’s him in the head. He wakes to find her headed for the Grand Canyon and giving a new meaning to the whole ‘we’re going to become one’ thing. Her vessel’s weak and she needs Castiel’s to live.

Speaking of living, Ezekial’s too weak to fully heal Sam. After Dean’s made a punching bag by a couple of angels (he was smart enough to ward Sam’s room to prevent angels from

Ezekial’s mojo is running on empty

entering) and banishing them to God knows where (really…with Heaven closed for business, only God, even being in absentia, knows). He checks on his brother and Ezekial offers him only one option, and it’s not good. He could repair Sam’s body from the inside but that would mean possession. Dean is adamant against it until Ezekial remarks that it’s “the best of a bad situation.” Ultimately, they will still need Sam’s permission.

After watching Dean’s likeness kill the accepting aspect of himself (represented by Bobby) Sam is whisked away by Death. The two chat, like student and professor when Sam requests Death to ensure this is it. No more resurrections; Sam wants to stay dead. Through some angelic mojo, Dean watches Sam strike the deal and he knows they have to follow Ezekial’s plan. Knowing Sam won’t say yes to the angel, Ezekial disguises himself as Dean and wins Sam over with the line that is a perfect summation of the entire series; “There ain’t no me if there ain’t no you.” Sam acquiesces and Ezekial sets up shop. Though Dean wants to be truthful with Sam, Ezekial points out how easily the younger Winchester can eject him (it’s all about the free will, after all) and Dean reluctantly agrees to keep it from Sam. Later, when Sam awakens, ignorant of the angel doing work inside him, the brothers agree there is work to be done. What Sam doesn’t see, is the guilt-ridden expression on Dean’s face at keeping such a major nugget of info hidden.

After killing Hale and on his own once more, Castiel says goodbye to his trusty coat, swapping the bloody rags for new attire “borrowed” from a fellow laundromat patron’s basket and sets out back into the world.

A powerful beginning to season nine as we were given a few short glimpses to the repercussions of Metatron’s actions. Cas is going to be a hunted man (emphasis on man) with very few allies to be found while Sam and Dean start back on their road with the latter holding onto the ginormous secret of Ezekial’s new location.

Oh, and by the way, they still have the King of Hell trussed up in the trunk.

Supernatural Threes…

  • If an angel is banished to Heaven, but can’t get in, where do they go?
  • Are we going to see Tahoma Penikett (Ezekial) again? How about Jim Beaver (Bobby) and Julian Richings (Death)?
  • It seems like the angels are somewhat depowered since their Fall…is that a permanent state or will they regain some of it as they acclimate to their new dwelling?

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