This one is bringing us up with a LOT of internal Legion Monologue. Which is good and bad. I’ve been loving their take on the look inside how he thinks. I love how he kind of pokes fun at how people think about fights from Hollywood and video games. I also love how it shows this is a myth in the making when the actual son of Xavier squares off against the student of Xavier who was destined to lead. It’s an epic fight and all being done without the use of their powers!

We jump into the action right where ‘X-Men Legacy’ #16 left off with Cyclops vs. Legion in an actual fist fight. Honestly with Legion psychoanalyzing the fight as he goes along, I really enjoyed how he also feels that Cyclops on the whole is the better leader of mutant-kind’s future. It’s the battle for revenge that Legion has clearly wanted since day 1 of Xavier’s death and with this battle a new king will be crowned.

The fight goes on and Cyclops clearly has the upper hand. His training and experience are winning out and while Legion is landing a few blows, it’s nearly nothing to the fighter Scott has become. However, no one is going to steal his revenge of taking out the man who killed his father. So even while he’s on the losing end of things, Legion keeps going until he’s knocked down. Suddenly, Legion cheats at his own rules. He uses his power to slightly shock Cyclops.

Finally with his powers back on the table as well, Cyclops decides to quit playing by the rules and uses his optic blasts to shoot Legion.

All actions have consequences and he shoots Legion into the new mutant that was found in this area that merges things together. When Legion gets merged into this mix, all of a sudden we see the mutant worm form that brings about the end of all mutant-kind. We’ve been seeing the future version of this for so long in the series that we know exactly how dangerous this combination will end up being.

This is the exact instance where either Legion will have to kill all of mutant kind or Blindfold will have to kill Legion, fulfilling the prophecy of that we’ve seen since almost the beginning of this title. I’m actually a bit shocked we got here so quickly.

Blindfold, though, doesn’t hesitate and somehow picks up Magik’s sword and goes in for the kill! She is stopped by her brother who, of course, isn’t dead yet afterall.

Will this be the end of mutant-kind? Will this lead to Legion’s death? Or has this all been another one of Legion’s long term plans to set things right with the world possibly leading to the restoration of a more powerful, or at least confident, Blindfold? Damn you Simon Spurrier for giving us such a great book that always leaves us wanting more!


Writer: Simon Spurrier
Artist: Tan Eng Huat