Things weren’t going well for the group who still isn’t a team in ‘Uncanny X-Force’ #10. The issue ended with Storm, Psylocke, and Puck all being captured. What gets worse is that The Revenant Queen took all three of them and brought demonic forms of each of them into our reality. Super powered villains are apparently a go.

We open this issue with Bishop. He’s a man out of time and on his own that and has to save the day. It seems as if, just like Cable, they are keeping Bishop’s character the same as he has always been. Only this time he was a little nuttier than he was even prior to Avengers vs X-men.

We see Bishop make a quick run around town to get materials and justifying what he’s doing is for the greater good. When he eventually does attack the revenants, he uses a form of gas that disorientates them enough to be able to free the other mutants. From this point onward, Storm, Psylocke, and Puck all battle the evil demonic forms of themselves.

The fights slowly go through and each of them defeat their opponents, Storm with a knife, Psylocke with a psychic blade, and Puck with the help of Bishop. While Puck’s was the least successful attack it was the most entertaining fight to read with extreme drinking and “bro” references being spouted all over the place. When the battle finally cools down, Storm is the only one who apparently killed their demonic doppelganger and this has Bishop initiate her into his order. This is odd because the defeats of the other 2 doppelgangers also looked like kills though only Storm appeared to be worthy.

When things are all said and done, Spiral finally shows back up (so we’re only short the Fantomex’s) to say she wants in on taking down the Queen. More importantly she says the Queen is living in modern Earth and she knows who the Queen is.

As it’s been stressed the entire time, the villain is a Queen, I hate to admit that it probably means it won’t be the Shadow King. Still it feels like it should be someone they know and the question now is who will be the villain? Are we going to be introduced to a new character? Will it be the girl she was saving? Or are we going to get a prior enemy brought back into the limelight?

I love that the action is finally picking up and I’m glad we’re finally getting some details. As always, I’m annoyed that we’re now eleven issues in and still don’t have an actual team. It’s clearly edging closer to them working together and with a reason why, but it’s not there yet. I get having to have a reason to become a team but this has been dragged along far too long at this point. Honestly this would finally have a higher rating if it weren’t for the team issue. I’m really starting to enjoy the series and hope it continues on this upswing.


Writer: Samuel Ryan Humphries
Artist: Ramon Perez