This is another one of these “Villain Month” issues that doesn’t really make sense.  The Creeper was introduced in Katana’s book.  Katana is a member of the Justice League of America, not JLD.  Yes, the character is supernatural, but there has been no connection made between him and John Constantine and company.

At any rate, we get an origin of sorts for this trickster spirit who spent years imprisoned in Katana’s blade, tormenting the other souls that were trapped inside.  Upon emerging, once the sword was shattered, he set about committing atrocities and merging with deceased newsman Jack Ryder.

There are three artists on this book, so I’m not sure who drew what.  The opening, set in 16th century Japan,  is beautifully rendered.  Unfortunately, after that, the art goes kind of wacky if not downright ugly at times.

The writing is a bit sloppy as well.  Honestly, I simply didn’t care for this issue.  Publisher Dan DiDio penned the story and Ann Nocenti finished the script, but maybe DiDio needs to stick to… I dunno, being an ass and forcing talented creators to quit?  That’s what he does, right?

Judgement aside, this issue was simply a mess.  The story was weak.  The dialogue was worse.  The art at the beginning was beautiful.  Everything after that was not.

I just don’t know how to even process “Villains Month.”  Is it just going to be random fill-ins that have nothing to do with whatever book they’re taking over?  That’s certainly the way it seems to be going.

Skip this.  It’s a hot mess.



Written by Ann Nocenti
Story by Dan DiDio
Pencils by Chriscross, Fabrizio Fiorentino and Tom Derenick
Cover by Mikel Janin