Eric S. Brown is the author of the ‘Bigfoot War’ series which is currently being turned into a full length feature film entitled ‘Bigfoot Wars‘. He has written about both zombies and Bigfoot for years and has recently taken taking over writing duties for a number of titles over at Unstoppable Comics. He is also an avid horror and comic fan!

For those of you not familiar with ‘Bigfoot Wars’, it takes place in North Carolina and follows the events that occur in Babble Creek. When a man seeks vengeance against the monster that brutally took his family from him forever, he starts a war between man and beast. It’s Bigfoot vs humanity in a skirmish that will start a war for the very Earth we share. This one, my friends, is going to be an absolute treat on the big screen! recently had the opportunity to sit down with the author and speak to him about everything from novels to comics to the upcoming film based on his ‘Bigfoot War’ series. We covered it all. Here’s what he had to say!

SF: So for our readers not familiar with your series what can they expect from the world of ‘Bigfoot War’?

ESB: Fun, action, gore, and a touch of insanity. The first book is the tale of a small town attacked by a large tribe of Sasquatch. It’s survival horror like a zombie apocalypse read with bigger, faster, smarter monsters. By the second book, the storyline has gone global.

SF: Now I’m a fan of the series but one does have to ask, why Bigfoot?

ESB: I had spent around eight years writing zombies and was searching for a new monster. I grew up in the rural south and to be honest, Bigfoot scared the crap out of me. I used to have nightmares about him waiting outside my bedroom window to eat me. I was a fan of Bigfoot horror B movies and Bigfoot seemed like the perfect monster to replace zombies (or join them, ‘Bigfoot War II’ introduces zombie Sasquatch) in my books.

SF: From novel to the big screen, did you ever imagine ‘Bigfoot War’ would get this kind of a treatment?

ESB: I wrote the first book as if it was a movie and always hope it would be but still everything that’s happening now is kind of surreal and a touch overwhelming.

SF: How have your fans been reacting to news of the movie announcement? What’s your favorite reaction so far?

ESB: So far, all the ultra loyal followers of the series have been really, really excited to see it being given life. The strangest (but still cool in a way) reaction I have seen/heard of is one fan who went so far as to track down the movie’s director and write him to tell him “he’d better do it right!”.

SF: How has the experience been to have your book be turned into a feature film?

ESB: It’s a pretty wild ride but also an amazing one. It’s really every author’s dream come true or feels that way.

SF: I know you probably can’t say too much about the film, but what can you tell us about it?

ESB: I have high hopes for it being awesome. Like the ‘Bigfoot War’ book, ‘Bigfoot Wars’ the film will be the first of its kind. It won’t be a movie about one or two ticked off Sasquatch killing folks, it’ll be a full out battle for survival between an entire town and an army of Sasquatch. The FX crew issued a statement saying the one scene alone in ‘Bigfoot Wars’ was going to have more FX than the whole of the ‘Boggy Creek: The Legend is True’ film they worked on.

SF: You’ve recently started writing comic books as well for Unstoppable Comics. Can you fill us in about your work there?

ESB: I’ll be scripting both their ‘Storm Chasers’ superhero team book and ‘Unstoppable Origins’. My first published script will be in ‘Unstoppable Origins’ # 3 and will deal with how their character Phantomhawk got his tech and powers.

SF: With you officially working in the realms of comics, has there been any talk of a Bigfoot one shot, series, or graphic novel?

ESB: YES! But I can’t really say more than that yet.

SF: What other projects do you have in the pipeline at the moment (either finishing up or about to start)?

ESB: I just finished the latest and 9th ‘Bigfoot War’ book, ‘Planet Sasquatch: Retaliation’, and am awaiting its release.

If you think the ‘Bigfoot War’ series sounds interesting, you may want to try Brown’s ‘Crypto-Squad’ series as well. It’s a comic book action style horror series where Mothman, Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, the Jersey Devil, and more end up battling the apocalyptic forces like zombie outbreaks, demons, and more!