It’s been a long time since ‘The Twilight Zone’ has allowed us to travel through other dimensions of sight, sound, and mind. Now it looks as if the magically demented worlds are going to once again grace the screen. Last year there was word that Bryan Singer was planning on bringing it to the small screen, though nothing ever appeared to come from that. Now though? It looks like a big screen adaptation is going to happen.

Who is going to be making it? Well with J.J. Abrams developing Rod Serling’s final screenplay he’s going to be a bit too busy to work on this project. I’m sure being preoccupied with the next ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Star Trek‘ films might have something to do with that as well.

Right now it looks that Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Davisson Killoran will be producing the film under their company, Appian Way. Giovanni Agnelli and Scott Bloom will be executive producing and the film itself will be directed by Joseph Kosinski, who also helmed the films ‘Oblivion‘ and ‘TRON: Legacy’. With his work on both of those films, he clearly has the chops to mix in the science fiction aspect into this movie. An ‘Oblivion’ slow build up would be perfect for the type of suspense we’ll be looking for in a film based on this classic franchise.

While no details are out quite yet on how they are going to develop the new ‘The Twilight Zone’, one has to wonder if it will be a straight film or an anthology movie in the line of the 1983 classic. As the series itself was composed of self enclosed stories that were not related to one another, an anthology film full of horror, thrillers, and suspense might be just what we can expect to see on the big screen. I was a huge fan of the original series growing up and personally can’t wait to see what they develop here.

We’ll tell you more details as they become available. What do you think about a new ‘The Twilight Zone’ movie? Are you pumped for a look into alternate dimensions that closely resemble our own? Should we expect all original content within or will they throw nods to the original series, possibly even remaking one of the stories from it?

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter.