Wow. Never again will I make light of an extraneous dragon shot in ‘Game of Thrones,’ snarkily calling it an excuse to flex the visual effects budget.

Spin VFX, the studio behind the stunning visual effects seen in ‘Game of Thrones‘, recently released a clip which that fans of the brilliantly immersive series peek behind the scenes at just how much of the Westeros is created electronically. Take a look!

While many aspects of the series lend themselves naturally to requiring for a visual effects studio to swagger in and enhance them — the staggering panoramic landscapes seen from the top of the Wall, the thousands upon thousands of Unsullied soldiers standing at attention — a few others stuck out as a bit surprising. A simple staircase for Roose Bolton to climb and look out at the carnage below? Why take the time to build whole battlements, when a stairway would suffice? A seagull taking on the role of a raven? Hey, sometimes there’s not always a raven flying about!

Other things were shocking in different ways. Tormund Giantsbane and Wildling crew really climbed up a crazy huge wall! The scene of Robb Stark’s camp outside the Twins was basically all CG; no castle in the background, no tents, just a couple Northmen on horses.

Watching this gave me shivers. The way a coloring change on existing elements enhanced the emotion of a scene, the subtle deletion of fence posts that didn’t belong, and the vivid tweaking of textures pull us into this world of fantasy and never let us go. I have to quote the top comment on their YouTube video as summing up my feelings completely: “I don’t know how much money these VFX guys make, but it should be more.” I couldn’t agree more, MegaMe9876. I couldn’t agree more.

Source: Blastr