Batwoman’s “war” on Batman begins, in her struggle to free herself from the DEO’s clutches.  With sidekick Hawkfire, she ventures to an unspecified frozen island seeking a mysterious quarry, who is revealed to be a Bat Villain, one with a specific notoriety.  There is a brutal brawl in the snow, but Batwoman eventually gains some information she can use.  Later, Maggie interrogates four more of Batman’s foes, seeking further information that the DEO could potentially use to take down the Dark Knight.  (It’s never been clear why they’re after him, other than the fact that they are a shady government agency.)

What about Hawkfire, Kate’s willing, but brash and untested cousin, who insists on helping, despite her lack of experience?  Jake Kane calls on his old team of military experts to help train her and while it doesn’t go great, the troops believe in her.

The opening sequence is excellently rendered and laid out.  (Best supporting player this issue?  The owl.)  The interrogation sequence is fun as well, in a different way.  Honestly, although it’s a bit on the low-key side, this story delivered from cover to cover, with the only thing I guess holding it back is that it’s clearly set up, but it’s chock full of vital elements that will surely come back to pay off later.

As usual, Trevor McCarthy’s art perfectly captures the cinematic nature of the book.  The layouts are unique and compelling.  The action flows and packs a real punch.

This is a perfect jumping-on point as we build toward a new story, sure to make waves as Batwoman takes on Batman.  And what a solid foundation!



Written by J.H. Williams III & W. Haden Blackman
Art by Trevor McCarthy
Cover by J.H. Williams III