Bryan Singer hasn’t tweeted anything since June about the upcoming ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ film. Last time, he tweeted about some political plot points in the X-Men story. This time around, we have a teaser of the house that is lived in by the Maximoff family. It’s really interesting to wonder here, though, what we’re being hinted at.

I doubt we’re going to see just Quicksilver living at home all by himself. If this is a shot of the dystopian future in the film, he would probably have been rounded up and be in a mutant camp or even dead already and not living happily in a suburb. It would seem that in a modern time period he probably couldn’t afford to live in a house on his own in a quiet little suburb, nor is that his style. So my guess would be that he either has a roommate (a certain woman named Wanda?) or this takes place in his past. If this is a shot of the past, that means he’s going to be living at home with his mother, possibly (though doubtful) his father Magneto, and his sister Wanda.

Is this going to be a prelude where we see not just Quicksilver but his sister The Scarlet Witch? She hasn’t been teased yet in ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’, though they do have the rights to include her. If they are going to be trying to have their take on the mutant siblings out there, it would make sense to include both as ‘The Avengers 2’ has both Quicksilver and The Scarlet Witch.

I’m pretty sure at the very least this is going to be where we start seeing Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver). I would also expect a tease of Wanda Pietro (The Scarlet Witch) as well. If she’ll feature at all or even prominantly in this film is up to debate,  though I suspect we’re going to at least hear her name mentioned if not see an actress in the role.

While I doubt we’re going to see him living with Magneto in his home (or even know if they will follow the story line and have them be his progeny), I do hope the family dynamic does get worked in. While I wouldn’t initially suspect them of wanting to ignore a bit of how close the siblings can tend to be, it would provide some pop culture humor to have Peter Dinklage star in another piece that includes some overtones of an incestuous relationship.