Well, Catwoman didn’t die.  Surprise.  The way in which she didn’t die actually crossed my mind when it first appeared that she’d been shot point blank in the head, so I guess it was a little anticlimactic, but maybe that’s just me.

But anyway, the Justice League of America must rally to take on Professor Ivo’s robotic “toys” and what do you know?  These disparate misfits actually work as a pretty good team!  Various characters combine their efforts to take down their opponents.

We still don’t know who the mysterious pale mastermind behind the Secret Society is, but we do discover he has some connection to the Martian Manhunter.  There is a revelation that may tie into the New Gods, who are popping up in various titles around the DC Universe.  In this case, it’s Metron, who may (or may not) factor in. There’s also a set up for “Trinity War” which begins next week with “Trinity of Sin: Pandora.”

I enjoyed this issue!  I was hesitant about this book, because I didn’t quite get why it was necessary, but in all honesty I kind of like this team better than the regular Justice League, who never exhibit any chemistry.  The JLoA team couldn’t seem less likely to work, but they come together and actually compliment one another in the field.

Brett Booth’s art, overall, is quite nice throughout.  It’s a tad stylized, to the point of being a bit hard to follow in a couple of spots, but overall it was really good.

This was definitely an above average issue.  I’m not loving the idea that the Secret Society storyline is (most likely) being placed on the back burner in favor of this upcoming crossover, but here’s hoping that “Trinity War” delivers loads of super hero versus super hero awesomeness!  But this team is gelling nicely, as diverse as they are.  And the art is pretty solid, as well.


Written by Geoff Johns
Pencils by Brett Booth
Cover by David Finch and Sonia Oback