E3 2013 was arguably the biggest E3 of all-time, and we were treated to an incredible amount of information about the next-generation. Of course, there is a lot of gameplay and developer events that the general public doesn’t get to see. Luckily for us, Sony has released a video of the Killzone Shadow Fall live demo and developer commentary that took place on the final day of the show.

The gameplay footage shown is the same demo that made its debut at the PlayStation 4 reveal back in February. However, Guerilla Games was able to take the stage and give attendees a walkthrough of the demo, discussing the development process, art direction, and the central ideas behind creating a next-generation entry in the Killzone franchise. Check out the video below:

The amount of detail in the demo is stunning, and it’s especially impressive that we are seeing it actually running on the PlayStation 4 hardware. The technical specs of the system have been praised by many developers, with Sony making significant improvements over the last-generation of consoles.

Graphics and power have become much of the focus of both Microsoft and Sony, who are handling graphics processing in two entirely different ways. While Sony has opted for a more powerful console, Microsoft is utilizing Cloud-based rendering which allows the servers that are connected to the console to process in-game graphics, taking some of the strain off the console’s GPU. Of course, this also means that the Xbox One cannot take advantage of the additional processing power when offline.

Killzone Shadow Fall is confirmed to be available at the PlayStation 4 launch in November.