It’s Father’s Day and earlier we listed the Top 10 Dads of Horror. Well, with good there comes bad and these Dads are the WORST in the Horror field. To pay homage to these devilish dads, we’re counting down the Top 10 Worst Dads of Horror.

10. “Frailty” –  Dad Meiks

Father Meiks thinks that he and his two sons are “touched by God” and have been ordained to kill all the demons in the world in his name. He takes them on a murderous rampage so they can cleanse the world of all wrong-doer’s. It seems like he’s doing the right thing here, but he 1 – teaches his son’s that killing is a-ok if God says it is and 2 – he’s bat shit crazy.

9. “The Stepfather” – Grady Edwards

True he’s not a REAL dad, but that doesn’t make him any less over protective or well, insane. When he joins the Harding family equipped with mother and son, it seems like this little circle is complete with the addition of dad Grady. Oh boy, WRONG. Grady kills, lies and is overall just icky. Definatly check out your mom’s boyfriend before letting him become your new daddy.

8. “28 Weeks Later” – Don

After the infection that everyone thought was dead spreads even faster, Don LEAVES his wife and kids in an act of cowardice when the infected storm the home they were hiding in. He watches his wife being attacked as he runs away, but it doesn’t end there. If you think being abandoned in your time of need is the worst, think again. He finds his wife and children alive, and while all seems like it’s going to be OK, it is anything but. He kisses her and becomes infected with the virus plaguing England, causing him to brutally kill his wife and then is on a murderous quest to find and kill his children. He bites one and infects him, but luckily he holds the anti-virus gene within him, so he turns out OK. He’ll never be able to kiss though. Thanks, Dad.

7. “The People Under the Stairs” – Eldon Robeson aka Daddy

Not only is Daddy a bad man who evicts his cancer ridden tenants, he shoots them… and eats them. Oh, and he also keeps his disobeying children in the basement where they have to resort to cannibalism in order to survive. And you thought Harry Potter had it bad.

6. “Creepshow – Fathers Day” – Nathan Grantham

Although he made his fortune by stealing, killing and bootlegging – he didn’t deserve the same murderous fate at the hands of his daughter. Fret not, for this Daddy gets his revenge by rising from the grave and demanding his Father’s Day cake that she promised him years before, but never got. She killed him instead. Well this daughter certainly got what was coming to her.

5. “Pet Semetary” – Louis Creed

When his son is accidentally killed in a tragic bus accident, Louis Creed takes the only action he knows how. He places his dead son’s body in the ‘Pet Semetary’ aka ancient Indian burial ground that has the ability to bring back the dead. Totally normal, right? Wrong. His son comes back as the kid from hell and then Louis is forced to kill him AGAIN. To make matters worse, his wife dies, he buries her, she comes back and its a vicious circle all over again. Some men never learn.

4. “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” – Grandpa

True, he may not be Leatherface’s dad, but he was someone’s dad out of this twisted group of killing weirdos. When an unfortunate group of friends finds themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time, one is held captive at a dinner table, while Grandpa tries to hit her over the head with a hammer. The emotional torture is pretty bad but what’s worse is that he’s too weak to even hit her with said hammer, he wants to be evil and commit murder, but he’s just too old. Good thing he trained his grand-kids to do his evil bidding for him.

3. “The Devil’s Rejects” – Captain Spaulding

Don’t let the clown makeup fool you, this is the daddy of the rambunctious group that calls themselves ‘The Devil’s Rejects’. They enjoy killing, skinning, torturing and tutti-fruity ice cream. The Captain runs around with his kids wreaking havoc on innocent victims all over town. He can also be seen making his debut in “House of 1,000 Corpses”. You know what they say, the family that slays together, stays together.

2. “The Amityville Horror” – George Lutz


Again we have a stepfather figure here, but he loves those kids like his own. That is, until they move into a haunted house that gives him the urge to kill them all by himself. George battles with his homicidal impulses but it almost gets the better of him when he takes an ax and chases his family around with it. Good thing they all get out of there with their skin still intact. But we’ll forgive him since he sure is purdy to look at.

1. “The Shining” – Jack Torrance

Trying to get his creative juices flowing and provide a steady income for his family, Jack moves his family to the cozy Outlook Hotel for the winter so that they can spend some quality time together. All goes to hell when Jack goes insane and starts to see the dead hotel guests and staff roaming the ballroom having a grand ol’ time. He goes bat-shit-crazy on his family and chases them around in the hopes of killing them or as Grady likes to put it “correcting them”. All work and no play makes this daddy….dead.

If we forgot one of your favorite bad dad’s of horror, let us know in the comments section below! Happy Fathers Day to all!