Marvel may very well just cross this superhero off their list of returning home as Sony has made it very clear that they will not be selling the rights to the web slinger any time soon.. or ever.

Earlier in the week, a report came out that Sony may be considering selling off some of their successful franchise properties in order to help them out of their financial crisis. In actuality, Daniel Loeb, a mega investor in Sony, wrote a letter suggesting that the company sell 15-20% of its entertainment division via public stocks. The purpose of this was to not only raise some capital for the floundering company, but to show that the entertainment division is deemed valuable. Somehow, the selling of a portion of the entertainment division was then translated by the media to mean that Sony would be selling the rights of some pretty valuable assets like ‘Resident Evil’ and ‘Spider-Man’. However, no mention of what exactly would be sold was listed.

While fanboys and girls were chomping at the bit at the thought that Spider-Man may soon join his fellow Marvel mates, AICN decided to get to the bottom of this and did some digging. They spoke to the co-chair of Sony Pictures Entertainment, Amy Pascal, who stated emphatically that the rights for ‘Spider-Man’ were not being sold. In the words of that Taylor Swift song, Marvel and Spidey will “never, ever, ever get back together”. (Actually, according to the article, Pascal really said that Sony would “never ever ever” give up the rights.) Pascal felt that the property is a direct reflection of her time and legacy at Sony and doesn’t see a reason why the studio would give it up.

It’s not surprising to hear this response as the ‘Spider-Man’ franchise has brought in huge amounts of cashola to the company. With Marc Webb reviving the franchise with his reboot film ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ and the sequel now in production, it would be deemed foolish to relinquish this commodity when it has already proven to be a money maker.

So while Daredevil and Ghost Rider have gone home to Marvel, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man may just have to live outside the Marvel Cinema Universe for now.

What do you think? Are you happy that Spider-Man is with Sony or would you like to see him back at Marvel?