When the first episode of Defiance’ aired, and it opened up with a soundtrack that was clearly done by Bear McCreary of ‘Battlestar Galactica’ fame and I knew I may just be in trouble. With an introduction set to his music, I know I’d have no choice but to watch what was in store for me. With a war torn future Earth co-inhabited by multiple species and not fully sure how they all got there and living together, the first episode had me hooked. It looks as if enough of you were also hooked as SyFy has just announced that there is going to be a second season of the show!

SyFy fans are clearly clamoring for science fiction programs (shocking I know) as ‘Defiance’ opened with the second-biggest premiere in the history of the network. Not only did it have a huge premiere, but it has led the Monday night time slot on the network for three straight weeks in a row for it’s targeted key demographic and total viewers. With recent cancellations and an increase in reality television, some fans of the network have been worried about the lack of original content, but ‘Defiance’ has been proving that we don’t have that much to worry about. If SyFy continues making this show and adds another like it (I’d venture to say we need a new one with a serious tone set in space), I’m pretty sure fans will continue to be thrilled with the channel.

Thank you fellow science fiction fans for helping bring this show to a second season of 13 episodes (and hopefully more beyond it!) It also looks for the million+ players of the video game that you are in luck as the game play will also continue to tie into the show during the second season as it has in the first. I sadly have not been playing the game but with how much I’m hooked on the show, I can only imagine the subtle nods between the two have to be fantastically done!

Also unlike certain shows out there (like ‘The Walking Dead‘ and ‘True Blood’), the show runner will not be changing on this smash hit and Kevin Murphy will be returning to continue creating this dark future Earth is living in. With 2 million stable weekly viewers on Monday nights, it looks like we’re set for a while. With it only being mid-season, we haven’t even hit the usual second half ramp up to a finale that I’m sure will leave us all hating cliffhangers while eagerly awaiting the next season.

If you’ve been watching the show, let us know what you think of it so far and what direction you hope to see it go!


Source: Blastr