One of the most anticipated episodes of this season of ‘Doctor Who’ is the one written by Neil Gaiman, ‘Nightmare in Silver.’ Gaiman’s first outing as a writer for the show was a hit with fans last season when he personified the TARDIS. That episode, ‘The Doctor’s Wife, had many Whovinas clamoring for more. This time around, Gaiman decides to work with one of the classic Whovian villains around, the Cybermen.

While his episode won’t air until Saturday, we have a couple clips to share that reveals how upgraded the Cybermen are in the future. These aren’t the same Cybermen that we saw at Canary Wharf those many years ago (‘Doomsday’). In fact, Gaiman has made these guys scary once again! Take a look and let us know what you think:

The second clip features guest star Warwick Davis as he explains to Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman) who the Cybermen are and how there were finally defeated:

Only 2 more days before ‘Nightmare in Silver’ airs and so far it looks like fans won’t be disappointed with Gaiman’s script. Make sure you return back for our recap of the episode and our interview with the scribe himself!


Welcome to Webley’s World of Wonders! Roll up, roll up. Miracles, marvels and more await you. The wonder of the age. The miracle of modernity. They were defeated a thousand years ago, but now they’re back to destroy you. So fast, so smart, and so strong that fighting them is suicidal. Nightmares in silver! Ladies and gentlemen, behold- the 699th wonder of the universe – the Cybermen! As you’ve never seen them before…

 ‘Doctor Who: Nightmare in Silver’ airs Saturday, May 11, on BBC America at 8 PM/7C.


Source: BBC