The excitement is growing as we are days away from the premiere of ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’. With the movie already in some theaters around the world and a premiere in the UK in a matter of days, international footage from the film has been coming in exceedingly plentiful. Today we have over 7 minutes of behind the scenes footage for an interesting view of what goes on the set when filming a movie like this.

While most will never get to actually step foot on a ‘Star Trek’ bridge, this is the next best thing. The video is a nice insight on the day to day goings on of film work and shows J.J. Abrams directing various scenes and the interaction with the cast. While not very spoilery, there is new scenes that are shown being filmed that have not yet shown up in the trailers.

If you’ve been desperately trying to avoid any footage of Star Trek into Darkness and are hoping to see the movie cold, then I would suggest you bookmark this page and come back to it after you watch the film, as it will give a fascinating look at how a scene in the movie was shot.

For those more adventurous types, enjoy the B-roll below!

‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ opens in theaters on May 17th with a preview in select IMAX theaters on May 15th.