In July, DC will launch the biggest New 52 event yet, with Trinity War, which focuses on DC’s traditional “Trinity”– Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman (two of which recently began dating)– as well as the Trinity of Sin– The Phantom Stranger, Pandora and The Question– not to mention the fact that there are now three Justice Leagues– the Justice League (Aquaman, Batman, Cyborg, The Flash, Superman and Wonder Woman, plus the newly added Atom, Element Woman and Firestorm), Justice League of America (Catwoman, Green Arrow, Green Lantern/Simon Baz, Hawkman, Katana, Martian Manhunter, Stargirl and Vibe) and Justice League Dark (who hate that name)– (Like 50 characters have cycled through this book… I think John Constantine, Black Orchid, Deadman, Frankenstein and Madame Xanadu is the current line up, with Zatanna crossing over to the regular Justice League).

While everything is still unknown about the crossover event (two issues of each Justice League title), we do know that the Justice League is DC’s biggest guns– who operate autonomously– while Justice League of America, has been revealed to be the US government’s response to that, bringing in specific heroes to counter certain JL members.  JL Dark, meanwhile, is a concentration of DC’s supernatural heroes, spearheaded by John Constantine, but they do have ties to the US government, through Steve Trevor, who is also responsible for forming JLA alongside string-puller Amanda Waller.

Writers Geoff Johns (Justice League and Justice League of America) and Jeff LeMire (Justice League Dark) spoke to Buzzfeed and helped flesh things out a bit before the big event.

Regarding the differences between the JL and JLA, Johns said:

The Justice League is very uncontrollable and they don’t listen to the United States government. They’re living weapons, and the government wants to be precautious. They don’t know Superman is just some kid who was raised in Kansas, so the trust level isn’t there. They don’t trust what they can’t control, so they form this JLA as a Justice League they CAN control. They don’t necessarily want to go to war with the original League, but they certainly want a safety net just in case. Case in point, in the new Justice League issue, Superman and Wonder Woman go into a country they shouldn’t go into to save people’s lives, and it causes an international stir with people blaming America for what they did and Batman telling Superman and Wonder Woman, “Look, when you two are together, you represent the Justice League. You can’t do this or you’re going to drag us all into it.

Regarding Justice League Dark’s involvement, Lemire stated:

They’re more the outsiders, the freaks, the unwanted stepbrother. A necessary evil. It’s hard to explain the actual plot mechanics of how they get involved without spoiling things, but some of the mysteries around the death in the first issue need their expertise.

Furthermore, regarding John Constantine, the creators reacted:

Is he the hipster superhero? Too cool for spandex?

JL: That’s exactly what he is.

GJ: Exactly right. He looks down on anything even remotely spandex-like.

JL: Yeah, but he probably wears it under his clothes.

GJ: With a big “C” on his chest.

Finally, the subject of Wonder Woman and Superman’s (non) relationship, Johns reacted:

I think the bigger question is will you see any of these characters make it through. The thing about Wonder Woman and Superman is when their relationship ends, it’s going to end badly. There is no good way for this one to end. And then there’s other concerns. When those two start acting out together, people get nervous. Not because they don’t think they’re heroes, but because they have such incredible power, and who could stop those two?

So they’ve been on two whole dates and that’s going to end with the Earth getting destroyed, I’m SURE because of Wonder Woman’s actions.  This is the worst storyline ever and I watch Glee!  This is going to turn into Wonder Woman is a constantly PMSing psycho who can’t take being rejected by Superman, who, by the way, is Pass.  #notworthy.

But will seeing the three Leagues throw down pay off?  Maybe.  I’m absolutely looking forward to the return of Kimiyo Hoshi as Doctor Light.  But everything else?  I don’t love Pandora’s portrayal so far.  I’ll wait and see.

What about you?  Are you pumped for Trinity War?  What are you hoping to see come out of this event?  Comment below!