Well, it’s official. We hoped rumors were true when unconfirmed news broke that Larry Gilliard Jr. (‘The Wire,’ ‘The Waterboy’) was in talks to join our favorite Zombie Apocalypse Survivors Club. ‘The Hollywood Reporter‘ has just announced that not only are the rumors true, but Gilliard is confirmed to be playing Bob Stookey, a Woodbury resident we speculated would be the case, but — if we’re being honest — hoped it was not.

Bob Stookey is a former army medic haunted by his past — even before the dead began walking the earth. Fans speculated that it was actually the casting of Abraham Ford, another more-prominent character with a military background, but it looks like we’ll have to wait for additional casting news on that one.

Insiders are quick to remind that the comics and the television show are two completely different beasts, since the character Bob Stookey is a relatively minor character in the comics, but is signed on as a “series regular.” To support this case, one needs to look no further for characters such as Rick’s best friend Shane Walsh, who had a short run in the graphic novel but survived several seasons in the television adaptation.

However self-deprecating loner Bob Stookey is handled in the series, one thing is for sure: ‘The Walking Dead’s’ already strong cast has just had an exquisitely talented actor added to their ranks.

‘The Walking Dead’ is set to return to AMC this fall.