Cable and his new team of X-Force are on the run for saving the world from a prophetic vision in a way that makes them look like mutant terrorists. Well that being the typical way Cable works you’d think people would just accept it and let him explain. Nah. It also doesn’t help that Cable feels he has no time to explain as he has had another prophetic vision that only his team can stop!

Aliens are coming and will end up wiping out the Earth unless they do something. Without knowing all of the details we watch them do exactly that as the crew has to steal a secret S.W.O.R.D. spaceship and break out an alien. Fortunately for them both of these two are being held at the same facility that the authorities have locked up Colossus. While Colossus is intent on staying in jail Domino reveals to him that she isn’t there to break him out if he wants to stay – they are the distraction for the real mission.

While they were distracting all of the guards Forge and Dr. Nemesis have stolen the alien’s spaceship from the S.W.O.R.D. compound and are currently having some great dialogue as Dr. Nemesis tries to get them in space. Honestly their back and forth banter, while rare, has been some of the best dialogue in the series so far. Honestly all of the dialogue works really well for both the quality of writing and the true tone of the characters but theirs really shine as some I’d love to see continued. I am still firmly of the opinion that there needs to be some kind of an excuse for a Forge and Dr. Nemesis ‘road trip’ down the line.

Jump back to the action and we see Cyclops confronting Cable about what is going on. While Cable prepares for a fight Cyclops simply states his trust has been earned a hundred times over and he’s just curious whats happening. After the quick explanation he says they’ll meet again. Honestly with how Scott is running things with his team of X-Men I would be very happy to see Cable’s X-Force somehow end up helping them at some point. It really just seems that they would fit quite well together.

After we jump out of their conversation we focus back on Boom Boom’s part in the job.

She’s breaking out the alien whose apparently a universally wanted fugitive. The reason for the breakout is that if he’s on Earth other people will attack Earth to get to him. He’s not the most thankful of aliens though as once he realizes his ship is also free he calls it and drags Domino, Boom Boom, Forge, and Dr. Nemesis with him and off into space.

As he’s leaving he flies past Colossus and Cable realizes he has to go save his team. While Colossus has been fully in the mindset of turning himself in I have a feeling his fling with Domino a couple issues back is going to convince him he has to help Cable save her. The entire issue was an action packed fun read which is what you want when Cable is involved. If I had any real complaints it was that Cyclops was plastered over the cover implying a huge Cyclops/Cable moment and their conversation may have spanned 5 pages at most. At least it hinted they’d be talking again soon.

Next stop? Space, the final frontier.

Writer: Dennis Hopeless
Artist: Salvador Larroca