The countdown to Star Trek Into Darkness is finished, and we only have one more month to wait for the movie.

If you’ll recall last issue, it didn’t really seem possible that they could resolve the entire plot in just one issue. Thinking back on it, though, I realize I underestimated Scotty and the power of wandering around Jeffries Tubes.

The plot is basic, and involves Kirk and Spock regaining control of the ship with a frontal assault on the bridge, with a little help from Scotty rebooting the warp engine. They apprehend Captain April and book it before the Klingons have a chance to fire on them and start the war that you’ll recall was totally going down in the original series. It seems likely that it will again, and as Klingons haven’t been mentioned in the trailers for Into Darkness, one wonders if this isn’t going to be a major plot point in the third movie (provided it will be made).

At the end, Spock is with Uhura, who makes him promise to never run away from his “family” (the crew) ever again, to which he easily complies. Kirk is upset that he isn’t given any more information on Captain April and how he was able to install subroutines on a ship that he had no access to with Pike reminding him to know his enemies are. The last frame is an eerie picture of John Harrison in London, presumably on his way to start the attack we’ve seen in the trailers.

This comic proves to be a prologue to the highly anticipated movie, as un-illuminating as pretty much every thing else we have been allowed to catch of a glimpse of. While be-helmeted klingons are officially a part of the universe, it is very unclear whether or not they will play a significant part in the movie seeing as they haven’t shown up even once in any trailer. Also, it seems unlikely that Pheadus IV is going to have a lasting contribution to the movie plot when it will be focusing on John Harrison, who we can be fairly certain of, has nothing to do with the plot of this story.

Essentially, and we won’t know for sure until see the movie next month, this series of comics is really an emotional prologue, not to unlike the original countdown series for the 2009 movie is. What we do see that is Spock isn’t recovered from the destruction of his planet (nor will he ever be), and Kirk is having some serious doubts about he rules and regulations of Star Trek.



Story by Roberto Orci and Mike Johnson
Script by Mike Johnson
Art by David Messina