The end is nigh, the end is nigh! With only two episodes left of this season of ‘The Walking Dead’, AMC has released a few sneak peeks of next week’s episode to wet your whistle.

Preview: This is an overall preview for ‘The Sorrowful Life’. It looks like we’re in for some drawn-out decision making, lines drawn in the sand and of course, Ghost Lori.

‘Forgiveness’ Clip: Daryl tries to chat up a tight lipped Glenn, trying to find a way to smooth over the violent actions of his brother, Merle, from when they were in Woodbury. Glenn gives him the silent treatment but no one can resist the charms of Daryl mother f**kin’ Dixon for too long.

‘Cold as Ice’ clip: Merle puts on his sassy pants when talking to Rick about the Governor’s intentions for Michonne if they actually go through with “the deal” and they aren’t pretty.

That last clip sent shivers up my spine! I’m really looking forward to these final episodes and based on these clips, it looks like the show runners are aiming to please. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.