SPOILER ALERT: This is a full episode recap, so if you want to avoid spoilers, please watch the episode first.

In a less-than-inspiring speech, Appa Ali Apsa, head of the Guardians of the Universe, says that Aya, powered by the energy of multiple star systems is too powerful for the Green Lantern Corps, yet he deploys them anyway, to attempt to stop her from traveling backwards in time to remake the universe devoid of organic life.  Hal takes this personally, blaming himself for this entire situation, but Tomar-Re tries to comfort him.  Hal examines the star chart of the star systems that Aya has destroyed and Tomar-Re points out that one of them was his sector, but that it was devoid of life.  This sparks a light bulb in Hal’s head as he quickly realizes that ALL of the star systems that Aya has destroyed have been devoid of life!  (There’s hope yet!)

The Lanterns attack and battle the Manhunters as Aya prepares for her time travel mission.  Hal asks Salaak, who is coordinating the battle, to call off the attack, but he refuses.  Hal plunges into the thick of things and confronts Aya, telling her he knows her “secret” that she couldn’t bring herself to actually murder living beings.  However, Aya takes him captive and tells him that she is taking him with her so he can witness the eradication of all life before she kills him.

Hal finds himself in the heart of the Anti-Monitor’s system as Aya opens a window to the dawn of time (you can vaguely make out the famous hand clutching the universe from the comics).  Hal contacts Kilowog and tells him that getting Razer to him is their top priority.

Guy stands in their way though, because Hal’s plan sounds crazy.  Kilowog agrees but points out that his plans always sound crazy, but always work.  He hypothesizes that perhaps it’s because Aya is, even now, powered by emerald energy and that perhaps Razer’s crimson power is the only thing that can shut her down permanently.  While the rest of the Corps continue the fight, Kilowog and Guy create a giant cannon to shoot Razer into Aya’s stronghold.

Inside, Hal shows Aya the holographic evidence of Scar basically stating that Aya is alive, that she was based on a living being, but Aya refuses to believe it.  She lashes out at Hal while Razer enters the time window.  He stealthily sneaks in with the intent to kill her but she detects him and blasts him with full power.  She immediately is frightened by what she has done and Hal points out that her emotions were never fully cut off.  She flies to him and calls him “my love” but he is badly, if not mortally injured.

Aya whisks them out of the time window, then uses all of the power she’s absorbed from the various suns to try and save Razer.  In the process, she changes from her black and blue “evil” color scheme back to her traditional white and green look.  Razer does revive and states that his red energy constructs are powered by hate and that he couldn’t use them against Aya because he has no hate for her, just love.

Unfortunately, the Manhunters no longer recognize Aya’s authority.  She explains that she uploaded programming that makes all of the Manhunters “Ayas” and that the only solution is to send out a computer virus to wipe out all of these “Ayas”… All.  Of.  Them.  Razer goes to stop her, but it’s too late.  One by one, the Manhunters go offline.  And so does Aya.  She tells Razer he isn’t alone because he’s found a family now and that she will watch over him… then she vanishes.

Later, Razer vows that Aya still exists and that he will find her somewhere in the universe.  He departs… and is followed by a Blue Hope Power Ring.

I hate today!  I lost Wally West/Kid Flash on “Young Justice” and now Aya.  This was a semi-optimistic ending, but I’m still upset.  This series wasn’t as popular as “Young Justice” but it took a while to find its voice.  By this point, I was heavily emotionally invested in the characters, especially Aya and Razer.  I’m glad Aya was redeemed, but was sad that they only hinted at a possible happy ending… at some point.

I would have liked to have seen the other colored Lanterns join in… a real epic battle, but instead they went more intimate and emotional, which worked as well.  I think the fact that the Green Lantern live-action movie didn’t perform the way anyone wanted played a major factor.  Also, the show started off kind of juvenile and was mostly “stand alone” episodes.  But the completely original characters, Razer and Aya gave this show a lot of heart and made it really compelling.

This was a good show.  I liked it a lot.  I’ll miss it.  How do you feel?  Leave a comment below with any thoughts or memories about this show!