Enter Ezekial, the mysterious King of… well, The Kingdom, another settlement of survivors, these dwelling in a former school.  Ezekial lives up to his royal title, speaking in a grandiose style… and he owns a tiger!  Like Rick, he despises Negan and has just been waiting for the right time to try eliminating him.

Of course we also get interludes with Negan and his men, playing ping pong, before he retires to sleep with his lieutenant Dwight’s former wife.  Michonne and Carl fight off some walkers, but Carl is a bit too gung ho and it nearly costs him his life.  Later Michonne laments her behavior of late, missing her fun pre-zombie apocalypse life.  And there’s a shocking (seeming) betrayal before things are done.

This is one of the biggest developments in the series of late.  Ezekial is a colorful character.  He calls himself a King and named his settlement The Kingdom.  He speaks with a dramatic flair… and I mentioned the tiger, right? At the same time, he’s… off.  I’m seeing him as something of a bookend to Negan.  Maybe just as crazy, but in a different way.

Even the addition of another group of survivors opens the door for a lot of new possibilities.  But speaking of that, back at Alexandria, Spencer is up to something, which may not be good for the group.  Spencer’s kind of an idiot.

This was a pretty major issue.  It’s nicely balanced with big story and intimate moments, with some really interesting new shades to long-running characters like Carl, Andrea and Michonne.  Not one to skip!


Written by Robert Kirkman
Art and Cover by Charlie Adlard