I won’t lie, I’ve been neglecting reviewing the re-launched X-Men Legacy series for the website. I was a huge fan of the plot line before it ended off but the focus on Legacy so far has been Legion. For those of you unfamiliar with the character, Legion is named David Charles Haller and is Charles Xavier’s biological son. He has a huge multiple personality problem in that his mutant powers are nearly infinite but each is controlled by an individual personality. As they war with him for control of his body he battles back to be able to use powers one at a time. For years it has been a losing fight but this story arc is trying to put him firmly in control of them.

While the art in each issue has been stunning the plot has been a little slow. This is actually the first time I’ve found the inside of Legion’s head to really be interesting as they go through how his mind was a prison and the inmates have escaped. Back to the plot though, We have two major plot lines culminating in this issue.

The first is Legion’s quest to control his powers. He wants to be his father’s son and to see Charles Xavier’s legacy fulfilled. The only way he can pull off the second of those two thoughts is to take care of the first. Through each issue we see Legion striving to first regain and after that maintain control of his fractured mind. All of his subconscious powers are against him and apparently a shadowy figure is hiding in his mind that is at odds with him as well. Even with 1000’s of personalities fighting him though he is able to time and time again pull through and continue on his current quest.

What is his current quest you may ask? That’s the second plot line going on.

Legion is met by a pair of floating eyeballs and told to save two mutant children from a syndicate using their powers for evil. I don’t think I could even say that one with a straight face. This is not part of Legion’s delusional mind, this is actually happening. However, the eyes have an ulterior motive as they are leading him to be in place to help the eyes take revenge upon another mutant. We’re introduced to a lot of back story on the mutant Blindfold who is the target of this attack.

So I skipped on really talking about the series since the reboot for a few reasons. Not only was I wasn’t sold on Legion as the main character, but  I wasn’t sold on the plot line as well. What’s changed? Well the demonic personality I mentioned above shows Legion his face in the last panel. It shows him the face of his father – Charles Xavier, Professor X.

Honestly I don’t know yet if this is another personality trying to trick David into believing it’s Charles to control him or if this relates to another ongoing story line. Currently in Uncanny Avengers, the Red Skull is using Professor X’s brain as a way to turn humans against mutants. Could this lead to a showdown between the two? It’s a theory. A loose theory but I’m sure we’ll have a better idea after next issue which I’m now firmly committed too for the first time since the changing of plot lines.

Writer: Simon Spurrier