Has the wall of silence cracked?  Whether he was supposed to or not, John Barrowman made a surprising announcement on a BBC morning show that he was “in discussions” regarding the ‘Doctor Who’ 50th anniversary special.

Ever since the announcement that there would be a special 50th anniversary episode of ‘Doctor Who,’ actors and actresses who have played former companions and Doctors have been relentlessly asked about their involvement. The general consensus was that they were either not part of it or have not been contacted. In fact, not too long ago David Tennant, the 10th Doctor, even stated that he’s given up hope about being part of the project.

Barrowman, on his part, has always expressed his interest in returning to the role of Captain Jack and in a segment on the BBC show ‘This Morning,’ while promoting ‘Arrow,’ he was asked if he would be involved in the ‘Doctor Who’ special:

“I haven’t had any information up until just about right now – and all I can say to you is that we’re discussing things… that’s a total exclusive! You guys are the first to ever hear it. Even yesterday I was giving interviews and I was saying I have heard nothing, and now I can give you a little bit of an exclusive. I’ve heard something!”

Yes! You read it right!!! Barrowman is in discussions with the show (in other words with Moffat)! Of course there is no way he’ll be turning down the offer so it’s pretty much a given that he’s in. But will his appearance be a cameo or will Captain Jack be part of the storyline like he was in ‘The Stolen Earth’ and ‘Journey’s End?’ Time will tell!

Obviously Barrownman was excited as well as fans about the news, but after the show, he did post this little splash of water on Twitter:

Did someone have a word with him about the announcement? (cough*Moffat*cough)

At least this definitely leaves the door cracked open a bit for Whovians to expect other fan favorite characters to appear, don’t you think?

You can watch Barrowman’s appearance on ‘This Morning’ and his announcement in the player below:

video courtesy of Blogtor Who