Lady Graciel is finally able to pull her daughter Amaya back to Gemworld after she was summoned to Earth (First Home) to assist Justice League Dark… and enjoy a Chicago style pizza.  Upon her arrival, Amaya exhibits a new power, prompting Graciel to finally speak to her daughter about her father, Vyrian, the prince of the House of Topaz.  They journey to the House of Topaz only to find treachery… as well as an unlikely ally.

There’s also the Stalker back up strip, which was also satisfying, but a bit dark.  The art reflects the story’s grittiness nicely.

My feelings about this issue are dampened by the fact that I know this series has already been cancelled.  Writer Christy Marx has been doing a phenomenal job building this complex mythology within this series.  It’s really a fantastic, completely satisfying comic book reading experience.  True, it’s not a super hero book, but COME ON!  Is that all anyone wants?!  Embrace other themes, people!  Fantasy!  Sci-Fi!  Supernatural!  Horror!  There’s more to the art form… at least there should be… than dudes in tights!

-Tirade over-

This issue nicely builds upon the mythology that Marx has very well developed from the start of this book.  It’s still building up a lot of things that I am very sad may never play out.  This book could really be epic.  Unfortunately, it won’t get the chance.  The art is simply gorgeous and suits the story perfectly.  Amaya is an engaging lead and at least she may carry on in Justice League Dark.  The Amethyst concept is so good, it would be tragic to simply have it evaporate into the ether, while Red Hood and the Outlaws and The Ravagers are allowed to carry on.


Amethyst Written by Christy Marx
Stalker Written by Marc Andreyko
Amethyst Art and Cover by Aaron Lopresti
Stalker Art by Andrei Bressan