Maybe it’s because of the news that he’s officially directing ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ has made him happy, but J.J. Abrams has been awfully chatty lately with regards to his upcoming film ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’. Normally one to keep things under his vest, Abrams was pretty open (at least when it comes to how he normally is with his films) about two characters that movie goers will be seeing when the film comes on in May.

While observant fans already suspected that Klingons will have a role in the sequel, Abrams has confirmed their appearance and teased about the reason for their presence in an interview with MTV:

“Their role in this is definitely adversarial and you’ll see how that plays out. But you don’t have to know about any preexisting stories to watch this film.”

Klingons are a very popular alien species to Trekkies, so it was a bit of a surprise when Abrams didn’t showcase them in the first ‘Star Trek’ film. But apparently, he did use the fierce warriors but their footage ended up on the cutting room floor:

“We shot some stuff that had Klingons in it and then we ended up cutting the scene so it’s a deleted scene on the DVD but they are back in this one.”

Contributing to the speculation that Benedict Cumberbatch’s character John Harrison is really Khan is the addition of Carol Marcus, played by Alice Eve. Many Trekkies recognize the name from ‘Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan’ where she was introduced as a former flame of Captain Kirk’s and was the mother of his son, David. Whether or not this adaptation of the franchise will follow suit is unknown at this time but Chris Pine has already indicated there is some sort of love connection between them.

Abrams, however, states that her role is much more important than to provide Kirk with some female companionship and explains that Marcus is crucial to the storyline:

“(Kirk) meets her fairly early on and again she plays a science officer, she’s someone who is a part of the adventure.  I think Chris is right, because it’s very much an action adventure movie and once that gets going it’s a very difficult thing to park the story. So it’s very difficult to do a romantic interlude. Her role is important; she wouldn’t be in the movie otherwise.”

So fans will get to see Klingons and know that Eve is not just playing someone who will be screaming in damsel-in-distress mode throughout the film. Excitement for ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ is still running rampant, but, of course, all this information could be just to distract the fans to the fact that Abrams is still not confirming if John Harrison is a pseudonym for Khan or a character unique to the ‘Star Trek’ universe.  However, far as I’m concerned, anytime Abrams wants to dish about the film, no matter how trivial or non-informative it may be, I’m willing to listen, aren’t you?

You can check out the entire interview with MTV below:

Star Trek Into Darkness’ opens in IMAX 3D theaters on May 15 and in regular 2D and 3D theaters on May 17.