The Last of Us doesn’t launch for another four months, but anxious gamers can get their hands on it a bit early, as long as you also happen to be a God of War fan.

God of War: Ascension, which releases on March 12, will include exclusive access to a demo of the PS3 title The Last of Us, the latest game from Uncharted developer Naughty Dog. However, the demo is not actually included on the disc. Gamers who purchase Ascension will find a selection option on the main menu that will give instructions on how to access the free demo when it is released.

No details were given as to when to expect the demo, however, and there is no word as to whether or not other Ps3 users will get to download it in the future.

The demo will offer the first-ever hands-on experience with The Last of Us, which up until now has only be demonstrated by Naughty Dog employees. Based on the gameply footage, many are expecting the game to play in a similar manner to the Uncharted series, considering the use of cover-based shooter mechanics and third-person platforming elements.

The Last of Us revolves around an entirely different concept from Uncharted, however, focusing on gritty-realism and brutality. Set on Earth in the near-future, the game revolves around to main characters and their fight to survive in a post-pandemic world. Millions of humans have been killed by a mysterious fungus that infects the brain, turning the infected into mindless, hostile creatures intent on infecting others. Players will take control of both adult black-marketeer Joel and the young Ellie as they attempt to escape the harsh US military forces and find safety in a world that has been reclaimed by nature.

The Last of Us will be released exclusively for PlayStation 3 on May 7. Check out the fantastic E3 trailer below: