On March 25th, one of the recent post apocalyptic thrillers, ‘Revolution,’ will be returning to complete the initial run of it’s first season. While the first half had moments that the producers felt were a little slow, they did claim that they were really able to rework the second half during their four month break. “When we were doing Lost, that (kind of scheduling) helped us enormously,” executive producer J.J. Abrams said. “So when the idea came up for ‘Revolution,’ I was really relieved. I thought, and still think, that it will get us to a place where it will be the best possible way for the viewer to watch the show.” Clearly he feels that for the production value of shows like this, it’s a big help to have these long breaks in production and is something that has become increasing popular for ongoing series over the past few years.

While the reasoning behind the break sounds like a good thing, I’m sure what everyone is really interested in is how the next half of the season will go. Well, aside from the new trailer that we’ll be previewing for you at the end of the article, what we’re finally going to see is the true revolution that the title promises begin!

The second half will “pick up exactly where we leave off,” said Eric Kripke, the show’s second producer, who also states that Sebastian Monroe’s (David Lyons) “power was about giving him an unstoppable force that your heroes are outmanned and overwhelmed as they battle against him.”

With Monroe no longer having any restraints in keeping his ex-buddy alive (or hopes that he will keep him in check), he now has the power and removal of humanity he needs to start doing some horrific things. While he was already an animal keeping his dominion in chains with being able to power actual electronics that no one else is able to do, he will also be able to mass produce weaponry and have control over means of travel and weapons that no one else is able to harness. It’s going to be an epic fight between Monroe and the rest of the world as his reign of terror truly starts to begin.

With all of the focus on what Monroe is going to be able to do, I’m curious how the family of revolutionaries are going to not only escape from him but how they will be able to raise a force that is willing to truly stand against Monroe now that he’ll have the weapons that can truly cause destruction on a level that the planet has not seen in years. Mix in the mysterious DOD operative who has plans of his own and one of the designers of the technology that is at the core of the global power outage and you have to be curious as to what he has up his sleeves as well.

We’ll soon see when ‘Revolution’ returns to NBC on March 25th.  

Source: THR