Gorilla Grodd and his gorilla army have invaded Central City and are laying seige.  The Flash is helplessly forced to flee, after Grodd has acquired access to the Speed Force, making the ape villain just as fast at The Flash himself!  Not only is Flash on the defense, he suddenly realizes that the Speed Force is being effected abnormally.

After saving Barry’s coworkers, the hero Turbine goes to retrieve assistance from the one being that can possibly help stop Grodd and save The Flash… but at what cost?  There are also interludes focusing on Iris West, her brother Daniel and the Rogues, who are forced to play hero against the invading ape army.

Francis Manapul’s art, as usual is stunning!  In scenes showcasing The Flash, he employs innovative, angular panels that capture The Flash’s speed powers to great effect.  However, in scenes that don’t feature the lead hero, he switches to normal panel layouts.  It’s a very clever concept!

The story itself is fun.  It ties into Barry’s childhood with his mom (showcased in issue #9).  It’s an army of gorillas tearing up a city.  What’s not to like there?  There’s also a nice balance, with the short check-ins with the sprawling cast.  And it ends in one heck of a cliffhanger!

This is a consistently fun, beautifully drawn series.  It’s not the most ground-breaking book out there, but it’s completely solid.


Written an Drawn by Francis Manapul
Cover by Manapul and Brian Buccellato