The last time fans of ‘American Horror Story’ saw Francis Conroy, she was busy with her housekeeping duties over at the Murder House.

While there was a lot of excitement with Dylan McDermott’s return to the anthology series, fan favorite Conroy will now be making her debut in this week’s episode called ‘Dark Cousin.’

Show runner Ryan Murphy had announced Conroy’s inclusion into Briarcliff back in September only tweeting that she would be playing “the ultimate angel.” Thanks to TVLine, we have the first look of Conroy in character and in true ‘American Horror Story’ form, we’re still not sure if she’s a good angel or bad.

Like all the other actors who are returning to the series, Conroy is playing a brand new character so she obviously won’t be cleaning up after the inmates. The log line for the episode brands her as a “dark angel” and states that Sister Mary Eunice (Lily Rabe) – who we know is possessed – is “petrified” of her.

In the photo below, Conroy certainly looks foreboding all dressed in black and you can get a look at Sister Mary Eunice looking on at the other side of the door.

So what do you think? Good angel or bad? If you need more to determine who she really is, check out the clip for the episode below:

(video courtesy of Upcoming Movies)

American Horror Story: Asylum’s “Dark Cousin” episode airs this Wednesday (November 28) at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on FX.