What happens when you begin to see the world in a different light? Maybe not everything is as cut and dry as it seems as Hank revisits one of his cases and realizes he may have put an innocent man on Death Row.

This week’s episode comes from the tale ‘The Wendigo’ by Algenon Blackwood:

“The beast was simply the call of the wild personified…which some natures hear to their own destruction.”

Can you already guess what type of Wesen Nick will be up against this week? Let’s get to the recap!

Officer Hank on the scene

The episode starts with a flashback of Hank when he was still just a cop. He and his partner arrive at a home due to a domestic disturbance call. They hear gunshots and when they go in, two men are on the ground with bullet holes in them. Hank chases the shooter and when he catches up with him, the suspect is yelling about how the two men were monsters and wanted to eat him. Flash forward 7 years later and Hank sees in the paper that his suspect, Craig Ferren, is scheduled to be executed. He tells Nick about that night and how Ferren kept yelling how the two men he killed were monsters. Now that he knows about Wesens, he wonders if the wrong man was sent to prison. He asks Nick to help him make sure Ferren is not an innocent man and wasn’t acting in self-defense as he claimed. As Nick goes over the files, he tells Hank there is a possibility Craig did see cannibalistic Wesens but they need proof.

The Wendigo gets ready to attack!

It wasn’t until they visited the public defender who represented Craig that they were able to make some headway. The attorney handed them a picture that Craig drew of the monster he claimed he saw which Nick was able to identify (with the help of the Grimm books in the trailer, of course) as a Wendigo, ferocious human eating Wesens. Ferren is innocent!

Hank and Nick head to the penitentiary to talk to Ferren. He tells them he was there to fix a sink and the Kreski brothers started teasing him about how they wanted him for dinner. Ferren got freaked out and when he tried to leave, the brothers changed into Wendigos. They went after him but Ferren was able to grab his gun from his toolbox and shoot them. He ran to get away and that’s when Hank caught him.

The detectives go to find evidence proving the Kreskis were serial killers (okay, cannibals) in order to prove Ferren’s innocence. They head to the house where they used to live only to find out it has now been replaced by a grocery store. Since they can’t get a court order to dig up the area before Ferren’s execution, Nick and Hank try to find another way to prove that the Kreskis were not the innocent victims that they were portrayed as. Since Johnny Kreski survived the shooting, the detectives set their sights on him in hopes to prove he’s still eating humans.

Nick and Hank discuss the case.

But was it done in enough time to save Ferren? Of course it was! The execution was stayed, Ferren gets a new trial and evidence was found to prove that the Kreski brothers were killers. Ferren will be freed!

And in like all good fairy tales, this episode ends with a happy ending… well…

With regards to the Renard and Juliette subplot, they basically are becoming more obsessed with each other to the point they can’t stop thinking of the other person. Renard is at his wit’s end and heads to the spice shop to let Monroe know he’s decided to bring in the other person involved in his obsession so he can concoct an anti-obsession potion.

The next day, Juliette meets Renard at the shop and they give in to their feelings and kiss each other passionately. Monroe walks in and is in shock to find that it’s Juliette macking on the Captain…

Episode Observations:

* The throw in that Grimms thought Jeffrey Dahmer was a Wendigo was a nice connecting touch for the show to integrate it into reality. Just as they portrayed Hitler as a Wesen who gained control because he had the gold coins, explaining the hideous crimes of Dahmer as him being a Wendigo instead of human gives the legitimacy that the guy was a monster in the true sense of the word.

*Speaking of monsters, it was a bit humorous to see all the Wesens change into their true form as Nick walked through the penitentiary.

* Anyone else getting tired of the Renard/Juliette arc?

* Who else thought of the ‘Twilight Zone’ episode ‘To Serve Man’ after reading the title and thinking cannibals?

Next week’s episode will be the last new episode before the show goes on hiatus and it looks like it’s going to be a good one!  The witch is back and Adelind means business!

What did you think of this week’s ‘Grimm?’ Make sure you catch up on past episodes by reading my recaps before next week’s “Fall Finale!”  Until next week Grimmsters…