Were you watching ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’ last night? If not, then you missed the debut of the David Fincher producer trailer for ‘Halo 4!’ But don’t despair! We have the trailer for you to watch below!

As we reported last week, Fincher was approached to produce the trailer for the game which he eagerly accepted. His love of the mythology of ‘Halo’ certainly shows in this two minute video that details the backstory of the main protagonist Master Chief.

Longtime fans of the game may find this more fascinating than newcomers as the trailer introduces the new powerful enemy, the Prometheans,  of ‘Halo 4’ as it goes into Master Chief’s mind “searching for (his) weakness.” It reveals that Master Chief’s first name is John and chronicles his childhood on Eridanus II to his transformation/indoctrination into the USNC’s soldier-building Spartan program resulting in his superhuman strength and speed. The trailer ends with Chief facing off against this new enemy who threaten the entire universe.

The trailer, titled ‘Scanned,’ is very slickly done for a game trailer and although there is very little footage of the game itself, the visuals give you a sense that you’re watching a film short and not an advertisement for a video game. It’s worth watching even if you’re not a gamer just to appreciate the visual effects!

This looking back seems to be a trend for the marketing for this game as the live action web series ‘Halo 4: Forward unto Dawn’ also takes fans through the backstory of another ‘Halo’ character, Thomas Lasky.

“Halo 4” hits stores on November 6th exclusively on the Xbox 360. A standard edition will retail for $60 for the game alone but if you want the extended version of the web series and other bonus features, you can upgrade to the Limited Edition version for $100.

So what do you think of Microsoft’s latest promotion so far for ‘Halo 4?’

‘Halo 4: Scanned’ Trailer: