Just like the issue before it, ‘Rorschach’ #2 was pretty meh overall, but that’s not to say that there are good things about it.

This issue played out almost like a day in the life of Rorschach. In the morning he gets breakfast at a diner, dishes out some justice in a badass way, and then goes on patrol in costume at night. Lather, rinse, and repeat. It didn’t really advance the story of The Bard, but we did get a small glimpse of who’s behind the name. This book mostly consisted of Walter getting back at the guys who beat him within an inch of his life.

The most interesting thing about this particular issue is the dichotomy of Walter Kovacs. When he’s in costume as Rorschach, he’s invincible. Nothing can stop him and he keeps coming at the bad guys until he gets them. But, as Walter, we’re shown how vulnerable he is. We’re shown how fragile and human this hero can be. So much so that he has to be dragged to the hospital. Seeing Walter transition from human to hero is interesting because once the Rorschach switch is hit and Walter is driven by the determination to get his man and solve the case by any means necessary, it’s almost as if he leaves all the human parts of himself behind. Seeing these two people in one man is an interesting part of this character and it’s one of the only things that kept me interested while reading.

With only two more issues left in this series, I hope business starts to pick up in the next issue because this one was just good but not great.

Final Score: